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The transformation (Picture: @abbyj420/@.emia/TikTok)
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People on TikTok are cutting up old Ugg boots and turning them into slippers

Lockdown makes people do the strangest things.

The latest trend on TikTok proves this.

People on the platform are cutting up their old Ugg boots – which retail for around £160 – and turning them into slippers.

Perhaps the weirdest part of it is that Ugg boots are commonly worn as slippers anyway… so we don’t fully understand the point of hacking into the pricey shoe.

What’s more, if people don’t like the high boot design, Ugg offers a slipper style as well.

Tutorials show users how to do it (Picture: @abbyj420/TikTok)
People say they are upcycling their boots (Picture: @carley.crosby/TikTok)

However, some people say they are upcycling their boots, rather than throwing them away.

The trend appears to have started back in October 2020, when individuals started sharing tutorials on how to snip the seams on Uggs to remove the excess fabric and to turn the lined winter shoes into slippers.

A user on the platform called @abbyj420 explained in a tutorial that she decided to upcycle her 7-year-old Ugg boots because they were ‘all kinds of jacked up,’ and she didn’t want to throw them away.

@abbyj420The uggs are 7 years old so yes they’re going to be jacked up 😜 #uggs #diy #shoes

♬ original sound – Clean queen

New slippers (Picture: @.emia/TikTok)

With most of us staying at home more than ever before, slippers are likely to be the footwear we are wearing the most at the moment.

But TikTokkers aren’t stopping there. They’ve also been cutting the winter boots into shorter ones that resemble the celebrity favourite – the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini style, which the brand brought out in August 2020 for £125. have reached out to Ugg to comment on the trend and are awaiting a response, although we expect they’ll say something along the lines of: ‘please stop cutting up our boots’.

Speaking of cosy footwear, you can be a slipper tester and earn £333 a month, which is just under £4,000 a year.

And in other bizarre fashion news, clogs are back for 2021 whether we like it or not.


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