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These M&S anti-chafing shorts will be your summertime chub rub saviour

We’ve all been there; starting a summer’s day putting on your favourite dress, then ending it with the dreaded chub rub.

Sweat and exposed skin are a bad combination for our inner thighs, and many of us experience chafing during the warmer months as a result.

You can use talc or petroleum jelly to protect your inner thighs from causing pain when they rub together – but this can get messy and be difficult to reapply throughout the day.

Instead, M&S has come up with anti-chafing shorts that solve the problem.

At £12 a pair, they’re made using Cool Comfort material to wick sweat and keep you comfortable whatever the weather.

In a range of neutral colours, the shorts are designed to blend in with your skin tone and look completely invisibly under clothes.

They’re also seamless on the outer leg, so no VPL issues to worry about.

Seven neutral shades are available, so you can ensure your undergarments blend seamlessly with your skin tone (Picture: M&S)

In reviews, the pants were described as ‘very comfortable’, ‘perfect for under dresses’, and ‘effective and good value for money.’

Another reviewer said: ‘These knickers are brilliant and stop that chub rub! They are thin and light, definitely not the most attractive pair of pants you will have in your knicker drawer, but they do what they promise – anti chafe!’

Get them on the M&S website now.

Alternatively, garter-style bands can be useful for staving off the pain. Bandelettes, as they’re known, have silicone inside to keep them in place and can be found in lace, satin, or opaque finishes.

And if all else fails, look to what the runners are doing.

Long-distance runners use Body Glide (or similar products from different brands) to stop chafing during races. This is similar to petroleum jelly, but comes in a stick format that’s easier to apply.

Don’t let chub rub ruin your summer – wear that skirt knowing you’ll be pain free all day long.


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