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Timeless Style Advice: 5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Although you might consider yourself an expert in all things fashion, it is good to remind yourself from time to time of some basic outfit rules. After all, even the most prominent fashion icons are not exempt from making mistakes.

Wearing too-tight clothes, picking shoes with the wrong color, forgetting to add accessories, and buying too short shirts are among the most commonly committed fashion crimes. However, the list does not end there, as many people believe that black shoes go with everything (they do not) or wear only one bold color at the time, making the whole outfit look messy.

Here are the basic yet still common style mistakes that you should look out for and how to fix them:


Fashion Mistake #1: Picking Shoes With the Wrong Color

Shoes seem like a pretty easy thing to get right when building your outfit, while in reality, they are quite tricky. According to many, once you buy Air Jordan 1 shoes, some black Converse, or leather boots, you can forget all about picking what to wear. However, that’s not true, even for the best of shoes. Of course, you can build your outfits around your favorite pair, but you need to do it carefully. Many people make mistakes when deciding on what shoes to wear with their outfits by either sticking to one color only or picking colors with no coordination at all.

How to fix it: When it comes to colors, there are no hard and fast rules because anything goes. However, if you want to avoid committing fashion faux pas, then follow these general guidelines:

  • On the darker side, go for black or cordovan (dark brown) shoes;
  • On the lighter side, pick off-white or light brown;
  • Blue shoes work great with blue jeans.


Fashion Mistake #2: Wearing Clothes That Are Too Tight

This is a classic mistake that many people still fall for. The right fit of your clothes is one of the most important parts of putting together a great outfit. The key here is to choose clothes that fit you well, but not too tightly. Clothes with a tighter fit are not very flattering and will make you look much shorter or plumper than you actually are, no matter your body.

How to fix it: If you are shopping for new clothes, do not try to squeeze into them. Instead, go for a bigger size. Also, pay attention to the fabric of your clothing when trying to decide how tight it should be. For example, thin fabrics like t-shirts can be worn more loosely than thicker ones like jeans. To avoid looking frumpy, focus on choosing fitted pieces that complement your body type and flatter your figure.


Fashion Mistake #3: Forgetting to Wear a T-shirt Underneath a Shirt

A shirt is an essential piece of clothing for men, especially in warmer weather. However, if you want to wear it as an outer layer, you should always wear a t-shirt underneath it. This way, you avoid making the outline of your chest visible through the thinner fabric. A perfect solution here is to wear a white t-shirt underneath the shirt to achieve a crisp look and avoid any unwanted statements.

How to fix it: To avoid ever making this fashion mistake again, just keep a white t-shirt in your closet so you can use it as an undershirt anytime you want to wear a shirt as an outer layer.


Fashion Mistake #4: Wearing Shirts That Are Too Short

When picking out a shirt, make sure that the hem hits right below your belt line. This way, you will avoid looking sloppy and frumpy as well as exposing some skin that should be kept covered. A good way to avoid committing this mistake is to fold your shirt over and make sure it covers you from the waist down when standing up. If it doesn’t, then pick a bigger size or tuck it into your pants or jeans.

How to fix it: If you have already made this fashion mistake, try to avoid wearing untucked shirts in the future. Also, make sure that the bottom of your shirt does not hang lower than 2 inches below your waistline.


Fashion Mistake #5: Forgetting To Add Accessories

Accessories can be very powerful when it comes to adding a finishing touch to an outfit. They can help draw attention to specific areas of your body, break up patterns of similar colors, and even hide certain things you do not like about yourself. So next time you go shopping for clothes, also consider buying some accessories that match your outfit perfectly. You can mix and match between belts and shoes, hats and scarves – anything goes!

How to fix it: Commit to always wearing at least one accessory with each outfit you wear. With this in mind, you can instantly add variety and originality to any outfit you put together! For example, if you wear jeans and a white t-shirt, add a hat or a belt; if you wear black pants, try a colorful scarf; if you wear a suit, a pocket square might be just the thing!



As you can see, there are many fashion mistakes that you can make, and even the most experienced fashionistas slip up every now and then. However, as long as you keep these simple tips in mind, you will be able to avoid making these common fashion mistakes. This way, it will be much easier for you to put together great outfits without the use of professional help.

Overall, you will look more polished and confident without having to spend hours in front of the mirror or spending a lot of money on clothing that doesn’t even fit well! Good luck!

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