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4 Main Factors for Maintaining Mental Health

Sometimes we cannot control our emotions or act the way we did not expect. For example, start crying as soon as we see the Titanic poster or get too excited when we just see gambling site. It all happens because lots of factors affect our mental health negatively. Want to protect yourself? These 4 tips will help you.

Mental and Physical Activity

Recently, human activity is becoming less and less active. Sitting, automation of tasks, routine work with minimal activity – all this forces the nervous system to stress.

Human nature is such that activity and movement are vital to him. It is no coincidence that while running a person releases many hormones: endorphins, dopamines and many others.

So, it is important to observe a minimum of physical activity. Ideally, sports, but also a simple walk will benefit your nervous system.

It is also essential to be mentally active, which in recent times has tended to decline. Calculators count for us, watching TV has replaced reading books. The list could go on and on, but the moral is clear to everyone: it is necessary to keep the brain toned down. The easiest way is to read books, or memorize poems, but any mental activity that you enjoy will do.

Nature Connection

For thousands of years, man has been surrounded by nature. Walls are not the most favorable environment for humans. No matter how comfortable your home is, take time to communicate with nature, and you will find that controlling your mental states will become much easier, and you will notice that you have more energy.

Good Nutrition

Human health can be compared to a car. The quality of the ride and the life of the engine will depend on the quality of gasoline. So it is with the nervous system. Our brain spends a lot of energy, and it needs vitamins and nutrients, which in the diet of modern man is very small.

These vitamins are the most essential for the brain:

  • B vitamins (dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley cereals).
  • Potassium and magnesium (fruits and vegetables).
  • Omega 3, vitamin E, D and fatty acids (nuts, fish, seeds).


Last but perhaps first in importance. The fact is that communication is the most essential factor in a person’s happiness in life.

This conclusion was made by Robert Waldinger, the head of the 75-year Harvard study on the quality of life of people. It turned out that quality ties in society and warm relationships with loved ones are much more important than the financial situation.

Human beings are social creatures. We need to express our feelings, exchange information, and experience emotions. Communication can provide all this.

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