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5 Things to Know When You Surf Alone

Surfing is one of the most beautiful water sports out there as it allows you to become one with nature. Riding a wave seems like a peaceful meditation that helps individuals unwind from the daily stresses of life. If you have fantasized about learning alone, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Surfing alone can be dangerous, but other surfers will often surround you. However, there are several elements of risks that you should consider to have a pleasant surfing experience. 

So before you head out into the water, you must understand these risks as they will keep you safe while you surf. There are many advantages and disadvantages of surfing alone, so let us explore some of the key points to help you when you head out into the water. 


No Competition

The best part about surfing alone is that you have the freedom to choose waves without any hesitation because of the lack of competition. Often, surfing is constantly pushing themselves to be better than their fellow surfers. 

While it does help them improve their skills and enhance their techniques, many individuals get insecure about their abilities amongst crowds. Being alone on the water will allow you to express yourself completely and ride your comfort waves as long as you would like. Want some quick surf tips? Learn here with Ombe, as it helps you surf better. 


No One to Watch Your Back

If you are a beginner surfer and still learning to ride these untamed waves, surfing alone may not be the right solution. Because you are still learning about the sport, it is always better to have someone with you as they can guide you to be a better surfer. 

Secondly, the ocean is a dangerous place, so if you do not understand currents, tides, and winds, you may lose control of the water and lead to an injury. If you happen to surf alone, never hesitate to ask for help because you know you need it. 



Whether alone or with your friends, you must have all the essential surfing gear whenever you surf. The most apparent gear is the surfboard, but several types are suitable for different surfers, so make sure that you choose the right one according to your ability. 

You will also need a leash that will always ensure that your board remains with you and much surf wax to have a grip when riding your wave. 


Surf Places You Know 

We know that surfing alone may make you anxious because you will be out there Solo. A simple way to help you relax while surfing Solo is to choose a known location. You will be able to surf in peace because you know the area and the locals and even understand the types of waves at the beach. So choose your location wisely and have a great time riding waves. 


Understand Waves 

One of the best elements of surfing is that you need to understand waves because they are very unpredictable. If you have zero understanding of waves, surfing alone can be fatal because you may try to surf a wave outside your surfing ability. 

There are several types of waves, such as reef waves, beach breaks, point breaks, etc. So if you want to head out into the ocean alone to surf beautiful waves, you must know the waves so that you won’t get into any dangerous situations.


Is it Safe for Surfers to Go Solo?

Many experienced surfers prefer to go out Solo as it allows them to practice different tricks and techniques. These surfers have more knowledge about the ocean and have more control over their board, making it easier for them to surf. 

If you are a beginner, it is important that you carefully consider all risks before heading into the water. The last thing you would want is to be in an unfamiliar situation that can lead to an accident. Want to surf in the UK during the winters? These tips will help you today. 

In any case, always make sure that you do all your research before stepping into the water. Learn from your surfing coach or speak to some experienced surfers to get insights into surfing solo to have a great time on the water. 


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