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Your September Horoscope Is Here, & These Dates Might Throw You Off Track

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Autumnal sunsets, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice lattes are not the only things coming our way in September. The month ahead brings a fiery mix of emotions, plenty of moments to reflect on the past, and ultimately, a chance to start anew.

This month always fills us with new schemes we want to make reality, but September 6’s Virgo new moon will add confusion and uncertainty to our best-laid plans. Then on September 10 and 14, respectively, lovelorn Venus enters Scorpio and the action planet Mars enters Libra. This is a happy pairing: Venus and Mars will be in mutual reception of each other, meaning each planet is located in the sign that the other rules. Although Venus can be tempestuous in Scorpio, its mutual reception with Mars in Libra softens those vibes. Meanwhile, Mars is normally weakened in passive Libra, but the mutual reception lends the red planet power and tenacity.

The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces September 20 is a time for sentimentality and romance, and the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, the same day as the Autumn Equinox. On this day, there will be even hours of day and night, which will set the balanced tone for Libra season. The only snag ahead is the Mercury retrograde that begins on September 27 and lasts until October 17 in airy Libra. This will be a time when we will struggle to find our equilibrium and footing in relationships, as well as our own personal paths, so move forward with care.


Where do you start and another ends? The urge to merge with your significant other or crush will be on the forefront of your heart on September 10, due to Venus’s ravenous and deep glide into intense Scorpio. Although you are known for your independence, your desire for unfiltered and raw intimate passion will hit a high note when Mars moves into Libra on September 14. Often commitment comes with a price. It’s up to you to decide if you can adhere to the rules of the relationship. If you’re feeling like you need autonomy or freedom, then you can attain this during Mercury’s retrograde, which commences on September 27 and lasts until October 17, by changing up the dynamic of your relationship.


Although your docile and calm nature usually makes you play by the rules that others have created in an effort to get along with the majority, it’s time to make your own mark on how the game is played — in business, love, and friendships. The Virgo new moon on September 6, followed by Venus’s entrance into Scorpio on September 10, offers you a chance to change the narrative in your personal life. Be the MVP of your life and don’t let anyone tell you what to do. If you want to colour outside the lines, do it. Learning to take chances and assert your views will boost your confidence and take you to places you never thought possible during September 20’s Full Harvest Moon.


September’s breeze is offering you a moment to reflect on your next great visions, particularly during the new moon and harvest full moon on September 6 and 20. By the time Mars and the Sun enter Libra on September 14 and 22, your life will be buzzing with creativity. Opportunities that allow you to infuse your artistry and intellectualism together will fall in your lap, allowing you to blend romanticism with work. Mercury’s backwards spin on September 27 will bring an old project to you. Reassessing and finding a different approach to the blueprint is going to fill your cerebral mind and heart with glee, as you’ll be able to use your ingenuity to master past problems and make a better product in place of the original.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano


Just talking about the good old days during September 6’s Virgo new moon and September 20’s Full Harvest Moon in Pisces won’t satisfy your feelings about the past. This month, you’ll have to go deeper within your heart to remember the pain, joy, thrills, and excitement you once experienced in order to become a better version of yourself in the current reality you live in. Connect with your inner child during Mercury’s planetary moonwalk on September 27. Let your heart wander back in time and find activities that you loved in your youth. It’ll help you find your place in the world and allow you to know where you’re headed, based on the past and present. If you need to heal, this is a great time to mend your emotions.


The new moon on September 6 and full moon on September 20 are pushing you to evolve this month — which will prove to be harder than it seems, especially when Venus moves into Scorpio on September 10, which creates a seductive vibe that can make it hard to move forward. You’ll also find yourself slipping back into old habits during Mercury’s retrograde on September 27. Instead of being hard on yourself when this happens, give yourself a little leeway. Don’t punish yourself for making mistakes. We hate to shatter your fragile ego, but no one is perfect — not even you. Allowing yourself the grace and patience to understand this will make it easier for you to work through these setbacks. Be gentle and try to do better in the future. Old habits die hard. Your inner strength will help you overcome them.


Anything and anyone that is currently weighing you down needs to be expunged from your life. Whether it be an intimate relationship or professional partnership, you’ll find that it’s important to cut off energetic vampires who aren’t reciprocating the love and care that you’re giving to them during the new moon on September 6 and the Full Harvest Moon on September 20. You’re creating space for something: The moment the Autumn Equinox and Libra season commences on September 22, you’ll be ready to make major changes in your personal affiliation. There may be a lot of boundaries and limits that are set now, which will need mutual aid and respect in implementing in the upcoming weeks ahead. Let go or be dragged, Virgo. The choice is yours to make this .


Pride and integrity are forcing you to manifest your uttermost desires. With the right planning, you can make any intention real — as long as you believe that you are worthy of receiving amazing gifts from the universe for your hard efforts. Venus’s splash into Scorpio on September 10 and Mars’s leap into Libra four days later will give you the tenacity and passion to make your dreams a part of your everyday life. If you put your mind to it and throw heart into cultivating your aspirations, then you’ll flourish in September. Life is limitless, Libra. Remember that when you begin to second guess and doubt yourself during the Mercury retrograde, which starts on September 27. Anything is possible. After all, the word “impossible” actually spells out “I’m possible.” 


Disengage from the negativity and align with positive sentiments. You’ll decide during the Virgo new moon on September 6 and the Venusian alliance on your Sun sign, which begins to manifest on September 10, that you don’t have to be a part of the gossip and chaos that’s swirling in your orb from your friendship circle. You’re realising it’s best for you to focus solely on yourself and not the drama in your peer group when Mars walks into Libra on September 14. As long as you do the work that is required during the Full Harvest Moon on September 20, you’ll thrive. Mercury’s backwards journey, which commences on September 27, isn’t a time to skimp on self-care — it’s important to give yourself extra love.


Being a part of your community will make you feel as though you have a lot of support throughout the dog days of September. This sentiment is going to be very helpful when times get tough, you feel extremely lonely, and a helping hand is needed. Mars’s planetary ingress into Libra on September 14, followed by the Autumn Equinox and kick off of Libra season which commences on September 22, will align you with a group of awesome individuals who have your back through thick and thin (and vice versa). You won’t feel alone when in your darkest hours as a result of their tender actions. In return for their kindness and generosity, you will offer them a meaningful friendship that can last a lifetime.


Unfortunately, you’ve gotten yourself caught up in the mundane energy of life. The good news is that the Virgo new moon on September 6 is awakening you from your seasonal slumber. It will inspire you to take major leaps and make decisions towards evolving your world for the better. By the time the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces comes around on September 20, you’ll want to expand your professional horizons by implementing such wisdom into your professional visions and aspirations. The Autumn Equinox and start of Libra Season on September 22 will charge up your energy again, by putting your innate desire to triumph over adversity in high speed and allow you to take greater risks in the work you do.


You have been feeling restless and uncertain about the future — truth be told, we all are. But, you are letting your worries and anxieties get the best of you by letting them live rent-free in your head. You are not alone in these sentiments. Reach out to a friend, family member, or therapist to discuss your fears during the Virgo new moon on September 6 and the Full Harvest Moon on September 20. You don’t have to go through this rollercoaster of emotions without help. So talk it out — discussing these matters specifically during Mercury’s retrograde, which begins on September 27, will allow you to see the bigger picture. You can change and shift your consciousness to create a dynamic state of mind and emotional well-being.


It’s been a long road towards achieving and attaining success — and that moment is finally here. Venus’s shift into Scorpio on September 10 is giving you the push to capitalize on your artistic talents and gifts. If you’ve been thinking about sharing a bunch of handmade goods on Etsy, then September is a great time to start. The fire in your belly to work hard will get activated by Mars’s ingress into Libra on September 14. You’ll be surprised by how fast your small business will grow and evolve into something bigger than you had imagined. By the time September 22 rolls around, you’ll find that your bank account is brimming, abundant, and flush with cash, which is a very nice change of pace. 

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