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Apparently we’ve been using sauce sachets wrong our whole lives

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Mind = blown (Picture: @cookiterica/TikTok)

Getting sauce sachets rather than dip pots is something of a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re eating your food on the go.

From trying to get the right amount on your chips to accidentally squirting ketchup onto your clothes, there’s no way to elegantly dispense sauce from a sachet.

But apparently there’s a slightly less messy and frustrating way, and it’s so simple we’re kicking ourselves.

Sharing the hack on her TikTok page, food influencer Cookiterica called it an ‘IMPORTANT FRENCH FRY HACK!’ (caps lock and exclamation mark included), and we’re inclined to agree.

Instead of creating a small hole in the packet to squeeze out your sauce, you can create a makeshift tub to dip whatever you wish into.


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Rip the packet open horizontally rather than vertically, then push each end so the sachet opens up.

You won’t waste any sauce, and you don’t have to squeeze any meaning less mess.

Erica’s video featured a McDonald’s ketchup packet, and plenty of UK commenters were quick to point out that we have pots on this side of the pond.

Unfortunately that’s not the case for all fast food outlets, though, so don’t scoff too quickly at this tip.

‘So you mean I could have been doing this instead of eating fries without ketchup in the car?’ said one US viewer.

‘This is brilliant,’ added another, while one more commenter said ‘You are a genius’.

On a larger scale, if you have a packet of sauce or spices for cooking, you can open it the same way to use a spoon and add to taste.

So, next time you’re wrangling with a sachet that just won’t play ball, try flipping it on its side for a superior dipping experience.


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