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Does penis size really matter? Losing an inch makes a big difference, suggests study

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Is the size of a penis the most important thing when it comes to sexual pleasure?

Absolutely not. Technique, communication, attraction – all of that stuff plays a massive part in proceedings.

But is penis size completely irrelevant? Perhaps not.

A new study from King’s College London explores whether size really matters in terms of penetrative sex and pleasure.

And – sorry, those of a smaller stature – they found that an additional inch can make a difference.

Researchers tested out different penis lengths with the use of silicone rings, which were put around the base of each man’s erect penis during intercourse.

The larger the ring, the less deep the man was able to penetrate. So, if someone was wearing a one-inch thick ring, it would be like their penis is one inch shorter.

The study’s creators chose 29 heterosexual couples without any sexual problems for the study, then asked each to have sex three to five times for each ring.

There were four rings in total – a 0.2 inch, a one inch, a 1.5inch, and a two inch – plus the control condition, meaning sex with no ring to limit penetration.

The different rings used:

  • Ring A: a very thin, 0.2-inch (0.5-cm) ring. ‘This was designed to not interfere with the depth of penetration but to still feel the same as the other rings,’ says the study.
  • Ring B: a 1-inch (2.54-cm) ring
  • Ring C: a 1.5-inch (3.81-cm) ring
  • Ring D: a 2 inch (5.03cm) ring

The women were asked to not check with ring was being used during each sex session, so their opinions wouldn’t be skewed, and then were asked to rate their levels of sexual pleasure from one to 100.

On average, adding a thicker ring led to an 18% reduction of overall sexual pleasure, which suggests that yes, if your penis were to shrink by an inch or two, your partner would be a bit less sexually satisfied.

Now, before you panic, there are a few things to note.

For one, this study is not really indicative of a standard sexual experience. It’s unlikely that a man’s penis would suddenly decrease by two inches in length, and it may be that it’s the sudden change, not so much the overall length, that makes sex less pleasurable.

While the study’s authors tried to keep the female partner oblivious to the different ring sizes, in 40% of sessions, they saw the rings mid-sex. That could have biased their ratings.

Plus, in 30% of sex sessions, the male partner said they changed their behaviour either ‘very much’ or ‘extremely’ during intercourse.

Think about it – are you really going to be delivering the best sexual performance of your life when you’re in a scientific study and you’re getting used to having less length to play with?

One woman reported that the penis ring caused soreness and pain due to friction on the pelvic bone, inner thighs, and clitoris, another said there was less lubrication, and another said the ring meant their partner’s penis entered at the wrong angle, too.

In some cases, it may be the ring itself that’s to blame, not the reduced length of the penis.

It is interesting, though, that the researchers found that if the erect penis was longer to begin with, the rings had less of an impact.

‘We started with the premise that depth of penetration would not matter to most women,’ said the authors. ‘However, we found in our participants that reducing the depth of penetration by an average 15% with Ring B (2.54-cm [1″] reduction) led to an 18% reduction of overall sexual pleasure.

‘Furthermore, the longer the penis, the less the rings had an impact. Length may therefore matter on average if there is penile shortening.

‘Size may matter more if penile shortening occurs in men who have a smaller size There is some indication of this […] as the longer the penis, the less impact of restricting the depth of penetration on sexual pleasure overall.

‘The results should not be misinterpreted as meaning that increasing penile length will increase sexual pleasure in female partners.

‘They are also not generalizable to men who are not in a sexual relationship and fear being rejected as there are other determinants in such scenarios other than penis length.

‘In conclusion, based on experimentally reducing depth of penetration, our results are consistent with the experience that size may matter for sexual pleasure in some women in a healthy relationship when there is penile shortening.’

In short: yes, size might matter a bit. But don’t panic – a lack of length does not mean you and your partner are doomed to less sexual pleasure.

Try out different techniques, ask your partner what they like, and have fun. It’s not just the size of the pickle but the flavours of the brine.


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