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Every Single Recipe From Jamie Oliver’s New Series, Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie Oliver launched a brand new cooking series to help you create delicious meals during lockdown, using whatever ingredients you have in your kitchen already. The series is called Keep Cooking and Carry On, and started with five episodes rolling out quickly, on Channel 4 in March. Since then, he’s released 15 more episodes, and you can now binge-watch all of them on the Channel 4 website now.

All of Oliver’s recipes look delicious, and are all pretty straightforward. From a simple veggie chilli (which you can add meat to if you prefer), noodles that are perfect for hungover mornings, and jumbo fish fingers – this series has all your basics covered, plus plenty of recipes to make comfort food from scratch.

Past episodes of Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On are available to watch on Channel 4’s catch up TV site, All 4. New episodes are airing on weeknights at 8.30pm. Keep on reading to see all the recipes featured on Keep Cooking and Carry On, and links to the instructions so you can make them yourself.

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