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Experts reveal five tricks to get a baby to fall asleep quickly

Parents know the pain and exhaustion of trying to get a restless baby to fall asleep.

It’s frustrating for both adults and little ones.

Sometimes it can take hours for a baby to drift off – and, when this is in the middle of the night, it can feel all-consuming.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks out there that can help a baby get to sleep quickly.

The sleep experts at Babysense have shared five ways to help get your tot into a blissful slumber.

Elaine Soller, head of customer experience at Babysense, has also revealed a few things you should avoid before bedtime.

She explains: ‘To begin with, parents should try and avoid letting their baby nap too close to bedtime, as this can make them more energetic and less likely to fall asleep quickly and easily.

‘Secondly, routine is key and it’s important to get your baby into a structured sleep routine as soon as possible.

‘Finally, it’s important that both parents are consistent when it comes to bedtime routine, so make sure you’re both clear on the do’s and don’ts as this will make life much easier.’

Of course, it goes without saying that every baby is different – so what works for one might not work for another.

But for anyone looking to mix things up, these are their recommended tips for getting a baby to fall asleep quickly:

The tissue trick

The experts at Babysense recommend getting a dry tissue and gently stroking it down your baby’s face repeatedly, until their eyes start to close.

They say this is a highly-effective trick – but it’s important to use a dry tissue and not a wet wipe.

White noise

White noise is one of the most effective solutions to help babies get to sleep – as it’s thought to create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms an infant.

You can now get baby video monitors that play white noise, too. Alternatively, just find a video on YouTube.

Running water

In a similar way to white noise, the sound of running water can be extremely calming for babies and is great to use at bedtime.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to leave a tap running – simply record the sound when you’re washing your hands, or brushing your teeth, and play it after.

Use touch

The experts say one of the biggest comforts to a baby is the presence of their parents – so it’s important to use this to your advantage.

If a baby wakes up during the night, try gently stroking their cheek to calm them – and they might drift off again.

Calming lotions

If your baby has a bath before bed, then consider massaging them with baby lotions.

Products with lavender are a good option, too, as studies have found it can improve sleep quality, by calming the central nervous system.


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