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Hack shows how to hang a picture perfectly – without a measuring tape

Never stress about hanging photos ever again (Picture: TikTok/@apieceofmyhaven)

Of all DIY tasks, hanging pictures can be one of the trickiest.

From positioning to proper hanging utensils, It’s difficult to get right.

However, one woman has shared how to hang a picture perfectly without ever needing a measuring tape.

Courtney, who goes by @APieceOfMyHaven on TikTok, shared the hack in a clip that has been viewed over 709,000 times.

‘Have you seen this picture hanging hack?’ the video starts.

First, someone unrolls blue tape across the back of a frame and places small nails on the tape where the hooks should go.

The nails make markings to ensure it hangs smoothly and in the right place.

To make it even more exact, the blue tape is stuck onto the wall and holes are drilled into the wall where the spots were previously marked with the nails.

The following result is a perfectly hung frame.

Those in the comments were seriously impressed.

‘That’s genius, thanks!,’ wrote one user.

‘Perfect every time,’ added another.

To make sure the frame is hanging straight and level, there is an app on an iPhone that can be used.

In the ‘Measure’ app, the ‘Level’ feature allows you to use your phone to determine whether an object near you is flat.

To use it for hanging frames, open the app, use ‘Level’ and hold the iPhone against the frame.

Rotate the frame until the iPhone turns green or you feel a small vibration – this means it is level.


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