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How much does a Lumo train journey between London and Edinburgh cost and how long does it take?

London to Edinburgh on a budget? Sign us up! (Picture: Lumo)

Train travel across the UK has long been a point that many grumble about, with high prices often coming top of the list of gripes.

However, the start of a new service might be the eco-friendly, and wallet-friendly, answer to many people’s problems.

Enter: Lumo – a cost-efficient all-electric train service running from London to Edinburgh.

Here’s all you need to know about the new train company.

What is Lumo?

Lumo is a new train service, backed by First Group, that will travel between London King’s Cross and Edinburgh Waverley.

Competing with companies such as East Coast and LNER, it aims to ‘reimagine what it means to travel by rail’ and will provide an onboard catering service and access to movies and boxsets.

Ran entirely on electric trains, the new service promises to cut carbon emissions as well as cost. First Group claims the trips will be more than six times as environmentally friendly as taking a plane instead.

The train route will stop at Stevenage, Newcastle and Morpeth in Northumberland.

How much will it cost me to get from London to Edinburgh on a Lumo train?

One of the main selling points of these trains is that 60% of all single fares cost below £30 – with fares starting at £14.90 from London to Newcastle.

Lumo has promised that all single trips before 1 December will cost £19.90 or less as long as they are booked at least the day before, with the most a person will pay booking on the same date of travel being £69.

How long will the Lumo train journey between London and Edinburgh take?

The full journey will take four and half hours – slightly longer than the current routes. At the start, two trains will run each way daily, before they increase to five trains a day once they acquire more trains.

When can I buy Lumo tickets?

Sales for tickets on the London to Edinburgh line opened on September 7 – you can buy them from the Lumo website.

The first journey will take place on October 25 via the East Coast Main Line.

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