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How to be more memorable to people you meet

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As party season approaches and we gravitate back to being in the office, you’ll undoubtedly be meeting more people.

Nobody can be expected to remember everyone, but it’s still deflating when someone you’ve met before can’t quite place you.

It can leave you feeling like you’ve made a bad first impression or that you’re not a memorable person, even if they’re just forgetful or only spoke to you briefly.

There’s no magic tool for making an impact on people, but there are ways you can help yourself stick in their minds.

We spoke to US Memory Champion, Chester Santos (also known as the International Man of Memory), about how you can leave a lasting impression on those you meet, and in turn be remembered next time around.

Remember people back

‘Remembering people’s names and things about them will really make you stand out from the crowd and help to make you more popular and likeable,’ says Chester.

‘We remember and like those that express genuine interest in us.

‘Flexing your memory also allows you to better demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

‘People will have more confidence in you and your abilities, and will be impressed with you, again making you more “memorable” nowadays – with the average digitally dependent person having the memory of a goldfish.’

Lean towards funny

Particularly if you’re someone who struggles with social anxiety or who feels nervous in group situations, having some jokes or anecdotes ready can be a godsend.

There is also an opportunity to become much more memorable by having a bunch of famous quotes and funny jokes committed to memory. We’ll definitely remember someone from a party that was able to effortlessly quote Shakespeare and Aristotle plus made us laugh.

Switch up your look

While you definitely don’t need to dye your hair a crazy colour or wear something loud, ensuring your clothes reflect you is key.

Something as simple as a unique necklace or t-shirt can act as a call-back for people to remember you better.

When people you meet describe you to fellow partygoers, they can describe you better. For example, ‘the woman with the flower in her hair’ is much more memorable and identifiable than ‘the woman with brown hair’.

Focus on the present moment

Chester says: ‘Imagine being the person at a party/meeting/event that remembers everyone’s name/hobbies, quotes notable people from history, demonstrations incredible knowledge/expertise, and makes everyone laugh.

‘You’ll be incredibly memorable and no one will ever forget you!’

The goal is to be memorable, and creating memories with others is the best way to do that. Focus on the gathering you’re at and the people you’re with, giving you the chance to make lasting relationships (and a lasting impact).


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