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Is Your Phone The Reason For Your Stress?

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Mobile phones are valuable tools to have. In modern times, one could even argue that owning one is mandatory to establish friendships and succeed in professional pursuits. 

However, like in all walks of life, there can be too much of a good thing. Not only this, but improper use of your phone may also lead to a few complications in your life and well-being. Unfortunately, it only takes a few bad decisions for a mobile user to spiral into a seismic stress headache. 

It’s essential to engage with these gadgets in the appropriate fashion. Each press and swipe of the screen should contribute something to your life other than wasted time. They should offer value instead of taking away something from you. 

If your mobile phone is a constant source of stress in your life, you should no longer tolerate this situation. Below are a few suggestions to help you resolve things here. 

Create Distance

Your mobile phone can impose a warped sense of reality on you. Apps can give you instant access to every social media site out there, along with a constant stream of notifications and photoshopped selfies that inevitably go along with them. 

When the noise gets too much, it’s best to unplug. Strive to put down your phone and instead hit the great outdoors for enlightenment. The hope is that these experiences will offer you a real sense of perspective and remind you that the beauty around you doesn’t always need to be cropped, filtered, and posted on Instagram. 

Listen to your needs, as the duration of this trip is up to you. Unplug for hours or even days, and simply do your best to enjoy what is around you. If you must take pictures, a traditional camera will do the job just fine. Be sure to keep your phone out of your bedroom and dining areas, too. 

If and when you return to your phone, you may have a new attitude toward using it. The more times you leave it behind, the easier the anxiety shall be to conquer. Not only this, but you may enjoy using your phone again when it’s time, instead of perceiving it as a draining, demanding aspect of your lifestyle. Remember, you’re the one who is in control here. 


Streamline Your Usage

It’s easy to view your mobile phone as a gateway to anything and everything. However, life is short, and there are only so many hours in your day, so you need to stop trying to see everything if possible. It might seem fun for a while, but eventually, you’ll become anxious about anything you may be missing.  

You may not need to do away with your phone entirely. Instead, you can delve into your notifications and mute certain apps or contacts. Alternatively, you could delete any of them altogether. The point here is to really streamline your phone usage so that each time you turn it on, you’re fulfilling a personal mission and then checking out again. 

Remember to use the ‘block’ functions on social media apps too. They’re there for a reason, and you shouldn’t tolerate toxic behaviour from any individual, be they strangers, acquaintances, or friends. Set high standards for yourself via your phone, and adhere to them wherever possible.


Resist Changing Your Phone

Every year, new smartphones are released. The iPhone, in particular, is updated with a new model every year. 

You may feel stressed because you are ever eager to have the latest version of your phone. Perhaps you wish to impress your loved ones or simply have bragging rights over owning the newest gadgetry. Of course, a fresh phone can just be cool to use, too. 

However, as you are no doubt aware, the price of a new phone can be extortionate, to say the least. Try not to be wasteful with your money, especially if your financial situation could presently be better. Resist the urge to invest in a new device, and instead try to appreciate the one you already own. If it does what you need to, it will suffice for now. 

Know that you can tinker with the phone experience without purchasing a new device outrightly. For enticing SIM only deals, visit There’s no set plan, so you can change or cancel it at any time. Moreover, Lebara is rated extremely well on Trustpilot so that you can buy great data and unlimited minutes now in complete confidence. Your phone use can change for the better without ever swapping devices. 

My Celebrity Life –
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Download Self-Help Products

There’s a lot of toxicity when it comes to phones. However, innovative minds have tried to make sure they can be used as a self-help tool, too. 

If your phone is a source of stress in your life, then do your best to repurpose your use for it. Once you’ve deleted any toxic app or contact, try downloading software that has your well-being in mind. These could be:

  • Podcasts – Whether you’re listening to behind the scenes scoops on your favourite show or hearing the words of inspirational figures, podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in something joyous. Press play, then put your phone in your pocket and do something else while you listen. 
  • Mindfulness apps – Some apps have been carefully curated to offer you tips around well-being, self-care, and things like meditation and yoga. See if anything appeals to you here, and be prepared to take up a few hobbies, thanks to your phone. 
  • Kindle books – Instead of reading the words of a troll, flick through the digital pages of your favourite author. 
  • Ambient sounds – Many sounds can be soothing in nature, from rushing waves to birds chirping in a woodland area. Search around for the ambience that puts you most at ease. 

Once you associate your phone with more positive elements in your life, the stress you feel may begin to fade. Moreover, most of these offerings are just a starting point to set you up for other pursuits and hobbies in your life. You can also engage with them passively while performing other activities, which means you aren’t simply staring at a screen all day. 


Think About Battery Life

Your phone may stress you out if it’s low on battery. The anxiety may intensify during travels where your device is an important tool. 

If you are stressed, you may forget the simplest ways to preserve your phone’s battery life.  

First, charge your phone overnight before any big travel. That way, you can assure you have a full charge when you step out of the door. You can also invest in a portable charger and delete battery draining apps temporarily. Keep in mind that most trains now also have power outlets, meaning you can charge your device during transit, so take your charger with you as well.  

Be sure to shut down any unnecessary background apps, as they will deplete your battery faster. You can also go into your settings and enable battery saving features to stall it from running out. If you are consistent with these measures, your device’s power should seldom run out. 



Your phone can cause stress, but there are numerous ways to avoid those feelings surrounding your device. Exert your control over the situation. How you think about, use, and manage your device can play a significant role here. Make time for other things, and be sure to use your phone for primarily practical reasons. 

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