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Kid-friendly recipes: How to make two-ingredient edible paint

We know, we know – we’re not supposed to play with our food.

But let’s make an exception for this edible paint.

Yep, paint that you can eat. It’s a very real thing that’s great for keeping kids entertained at the weekend – and, bonus, it’s super easy to make.

You’ll need just two ingredients, some mixing power, and that’s it. Done.

I did this with my son at the weekend and it was great – he ended up finger painting, so it was super easy to wash away.

The great thing about this is if younger kids decide to lick their painting or their fingers (as they often do), the paint is completely edible.

Less mess and a great way to do some colouring if you don’t have any proper paint to hand – hooray.

Ready? Let’s get into the recipe.

Recipe for edible two-ingredient paint


  • Any yoghurt (I use Greek as it’s a lot thicker)
  • Natural food colouring in whatever shades you like


  • Start by putting a couple of tablespoons in each section of a palette, or in separate pots
  • Add a few drops of food colouring and mix well
  • Paint away – and eat if you like!

For more tasty recipes for kids and grownups to enjoy, head to, @squashedpickle.


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