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Lego sponsors UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 as part of ‘Ready for Girls’ campaign

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Building anticipation for UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 (Pic: Lego)

The English national sponsor for UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 is going to be Lego, as they celebrate girls challenging gender stereotypes.

Lego has always been something that’s appealed to all ages and genders but that’s not necessarily always been true of football, even if the women’s game has seen a major increase in popularity in recent years.

Next year’s UEFA European Women’s Football Championship should be another milestone for the sport, and it will be held in England starting from July 6… with Lego as a National sponsor.

Plenty of companies sponsor sports for no reason other than the publicity but with Lego the deal is part of the company’s existing ‘Ready for Girls’ campaign, aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes.

Lego is planning a series of events in the run-up to the championships, aimed at not only promoting the women’s game but creative play in general.

A recent study from the Geena Davis Institute (yes, that Geena Davis) found that while 74% of boys though that some activities were meant only for one specific gender that fell to 62% for girls.

At the same time, parents are almost five times as likely to encourage girls, rather than boys, to engage in play involving dance (81% vs. 19%) or dressing up (83% vs. 17%).

The split for taking part in sports is almost exactly the reverse at 76% vs. 24%, with similar percentages for playing with coding toys (71% vs. 29%).

‘We know that different types of play are still heavily judged as being gender specific which is why we are committed to championing inclusive play and ensuring that children’s creative ambitions – both now in the future – are not limited by gender stereotypes’, said Isabel Graham, Head of Marketing at Lego UK.

‘It’s fantastic to see the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 tournament getting more and more prominence and we’re proud to help support this by being a National sponsor for 2022.’

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