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Looking for a weeknight dinner recipe? Make this three-ingredient spinach pici pasta in minutes

These pasta strands are super tasty with a simple butter (Picture: @monmackfood)

Particularly when the weather heats up, weeknight dinners can be a pickle. Do you have a barbecue, or the famous ‘picky bits’?

Why not switch it up tonight with a pasta dish that seems very fancy but takes just a few minutes to make?

And the best part is it only uses three ingredients.

The dish is spinach pici pasta, which has been around for ages but was recently popularised on TikTok by MonMackFood.

In the video, which has nearly 8million views, Mon says ‘if you thought these were beans, guess again.’

The long, green strands are actually the hand-rolled pasta noodles she’d made, full of nutritious spinach (and without eggs for vegans or those on a restricted diet).

Here’s what you’ll need to make two servings of the pasta:

  • 120g baby spinach
  • 180g all purpose flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt

To make it, then put all your ingredients into a food processor and whizz together until it forms into a smooth dough.

Mon does also recommend pausing the blender during this process to scrape down the sides. This will help it stick together.

You should end up with thick strands of pasta like this (Picture: @monmackfood)

If the dough is too dry, as a tablespoon of water at a time until it reaches your desired consistency. Or, if it’s too wet, do the same with flour.

Next, take around a tablespoon of your dough at a time and roll into long strands on a floured surface. Remember making play-dough ‘sausages’ as a child? It’s basically that.

These bean-like noodles can then be popped into a pot of boiling water for around 30 seconds. When they begin to float, they’re done.

To ensure the pasta has a chance to shine, dress them in some garlic or sage butter to serve.

If you’d like to see MonMack’s full recipe, you can do so here.


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