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New Slots Online that you shouldn’t Miss 


When you realise how many different online casino platforms and brick and mortar casino establishments there are across the world these days it can make it easy to think that casinos have constantly been a thing throughout human civilization. But this is where you would be wrong, because the first casino was actually only built in 17th century Venice. It’s quite amazing really, because these days the global casino industry is pretty much all encompassing! 

Honestly, have you ever met anybody who hasn’t had a clue what a casino is? It’s not possible, mainly because they’re everywhere! Over the last two decades it has unarguably been online diamond slots that have been the biggest force behind the casino industry’s relentless period of growth too.

If it wasn’t for companies like NetEnt and Big Time Gaming constantly raising the bar, we’re not so sure the overall casino world would be anywhere near as healthy. Keep reading for some new slots online that you shouldn’t miss or play slot games today.

A few of the best features in new slots online 

Before we get into some concrete examples of the best new slots online that you just cannot miss, it’s very interesting to look at some of the best features that are making these new games so appealing. Because let’s be honest, the rate of technological progress in the slots industry in the 21st century is pretty bloody mental! 

Here are a few of the best new features you can expect slots online: 

  • Megaways: Big Time Gaming unveiled their intensely exciting new Megaways a few years ago with games such as Bonanza, however now they have licensed this technology out for other companies to use. And you know what that means? Megaways slots are absolutely everywhere these days, coming from all kinds of developers like Eyecon and Blueprint Gaming. These people have even reamde their cult classic slots with the Megaways mechanic, bringing over 100,000 ways to win to the likes of Fluffy Favourites and TED, with Fluffy Favourites Megaways and TED Megaways.
  • New and exciting bonus features: One thing you can always count on the online slot industry getting better at is bonus features. Whereas most bonus features were simply consigned to things like free spins a few years ago, the last few years have seen a dramatic improvement in slot bonus feature complexity, excitement and most importantly lucrativeness. Playing games like Inspired Gaming’s incredibly good Centurion really shows what we mean. 
  • Bigger progressive jackpots: One thing that gamblers across the board really love about new slots is that they are able to offer bigger and better jackpots. You see, the more people that spin the reels of things like progressive jackpot slots, the bigger the ultimate prizes are going to be!

New Slots Online that you shouldn’t Miss

Okay, we think we’ve given enough reasons behind why people find slots online so exciting, now let’s take a look at a few examples: 

  •         Frost Queen Jackpots
  •         Fruit Shop
  •         Loco The Monkey

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