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Patrón XO Cafe is being scrapped – here are some alternative coffee liqueurs to soothe the pain

We have some truly crushing news.

Patrón XO Cafe – also known as Cafe Patron, also known as your go-to when you’re tasked with getting a round of shots – is being discontinued.

Bacardí told The Grocer that it is scrapping production of the coffee-infused tequila, meaning it’ll soon disappear from our supermarket shelves and bartenders’ cabinets.

Why, you ask, why?

Apparently a coffe-flavoured tipple is simply not a top priority for the brand.

Instead, they want to focus on ‘other Patrón super and ultra premium variants’.

As you’d expect, people have been left truly crushed by this news.

My Celebrity Life –
Good night, sweet prince

While we don’t know when Cafe Patron will disappear (though we’d recommend stocking up if you spot it), it’s probably worth finding a decent alternative.

So, to tide us through these tough times, let’s get to grips with some other coffee booze options…

Tesco Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
Under a tenner (Picture: Tesco)

Buy it for £8.50

Midnight Oil Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
Made with rum, vanilla, and cacao nibs (Picture: Farmdrop)

Buy it for £24.99

Dark Matter Spiced Mocha Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
A touch of spice (Picture: Master of Malt)

Buy it for £17.98

Conker Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
Made with high quality cold brew coffee (Picture: Conker)

Buy it for £31

Cazcabel Tequila Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
This one’s tequila-based, just like Cafe Patron (Picture: The Bottle Club)

Buy it for £23.69

Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream

My Celebrity Life –
Enjoy cold or stirred into a hot drink (Picture: Hotel Chocolat)

Buy it for £22

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
This one looks pretty cool on your drinks trolley (Picture: Amazon)

Buy it for £29.29

Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

My Celebrity Life –
Jager with coffee? Why not (Picture: Tesco)

Buy it for £18


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