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People on TikTok are adding canned tomato soup to cheese on toast

There’s no denying that cheese and tomato is a classic combo (Picture: @foodmadesimple/TikTok)

TikTok has surprised us time and time again by coming up with brilliant ways to improve our home cooking.

Recently, we’ve learnt how to transform watermelon into vegan sashimi and that we can cook chicken drumsticks by hanging them in the oven.

But now there’s a new hack for making cheese on toast that’s got the internet talking – and it involves a surprising canned ingredient.

It’s particularly great for anyone who is a fan of a cheese and tomato combo.

TikTok account @foodmadesimple has revealed a groundbreaking way for making the hearty meal.

Firstly, it involves flattening the middle of a slice of bread using a can – which creates a little dip in the middle. Then this goes in the toaster.

Afterwards, canned tomato soup is added to the middle – although, not the whole can, just enough to fill the little section in the centre.

Then grated cheese is popped on and the creation goes under the grill until it’s browned on top.

The result is crispy and gooey cheese on toast with a tomato surprise in the middle.

Pop the soup in the dip (Picture: @foodmadesimple/TikTok)
The finished product (Picture: @foodmadesimple/TikTok)

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that you can probably experiment with different flavours of soup if you’re not a fan of tomato.

We have a feeling French onion as well as leek and potato will also go well with grilled cheese.

If you’re looking for more tasty treats, @foodmadesimple is on hand with more snack inspiration – including recipes for making cheese and pickle Yorkshire puddings, a breakfast loaf and more.

A few weeks back, the account also revealed how to make cheesy garlic crumpets, as an alternative to garlic bread, which involves slicing them up and pouring garlic butter and cheese on top before baking.


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