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Products to help you detox your whole body

Detoxes are always a popular fitness hack, but the principle can apply to much more than just your diet.

This week’s list features bacteria-busting skincare, home needling sessions and a high-tech electric toothbrush which will make sure your smile is squeaky-clean.

You can even use cleansing crystals to make sure to flush out those toxins, inside and out.

Kalme TeQ Serum

Hot shot (Picture: Kalme)

Your Friday night shot has more than one use – the extract from Mexican Agave, the plant used to make tequila, can help to reduce rosacea.

Kalme TeQ Serum is a double-prebiotic serum that harnesses this power
to help reduce bacteria and replenish your skin’smicrobiome.

Buy it for £16.50 (30ml) from Kalme

Bee Inspired activewear collection

The bees knees (Picture: Bee Inspired)

Bee Inspired makes its debut with sports pieces including a bralette, cycling shorts, joggers and a hoodie.

The summer colours include jade, peach and yellow, which makes this our number one go-to for post-workout attire.

Shop the collection from £20 at Bee Inspired

Issa3 toothbrush

Pearly whites (Picture: Foreo)

The Issa3 toothbrush is tough on plaque yet delicate on sensitivity and receding gums.

The back of the head also has concentric ridges to clean your tongue and there are 16 speeds to choose from.

Buy it for £149 from Foreo

Bits We Love crunchy peas

Peas of mind (Picture: Sainsburys)

Bites We Love, made from nuts, peas and beans, are high in fibre and plant protein.

They are vegan, too, with minimum fats, sugar and salt. We love the Smoked Paprika flavour.

Buy it for £2.25 from Sainsburys

Medahuman drinks

Drink it in (Picture: Yellow Images)

With CBD, adaptogens, nootropics and nutrients, Medahuman drinks are claimed to enhance gut/brain connection, boost cognitive performance and reduce mental and physical stress.

The range includes Relax, right, but Energy is the latest launch, with CBD, caffeine, vitamins B and C and ginseng to cut fatigue.

Buy it for £30 (12 x 250ml cans) from Medahuman

Halo hydration powder

Boost your water (Picture: Halo Hydration)

Add a Halo hydration powder to your bottle of water and reap the benefits of 72 trace minerals to replenish nutrients, 1,200mg of Vitamin C to boost immunity, plus B vitamins to help maintain energy and support metabolism.

Each sachet contains only 15 calories.

Buy it for £16.99 (12 sachets) from Halo Hydration

Rincon 3

HOKA’S Rincon 3 trainers, re-engineered for a more responsive run, have an extra-light foam midsole, an asymmetrical tongue, thinner pull tab and vented mesh upper, saving 0.3oz.

Buy it for £105 from HOKA

AnteAGE Home Needling Kit

Salon style needling you can do at home (Picture: AL5 Aesthetics)

Brave enough to try home micro-needling? AnteAGE Home Needling Kit contains specialised growth factors and high-grade hyaluronic acid to help your skin heal, restore and glow.

The device has 0.25mm needles to penetrate the skin. Roll it over your face, then apply the solution.

Buy it for £140 (includes two vials) from The AL5 Aesthetics

Crystal healing rings

Pretty little rings (Picture: @TwinkledHealing)

We came across these cute crystal healing rings and instantly fell in love. There are 15 different crystals to choose from and a choice of silver or gold wire.

At just £4.25 each, we’re sure you’ll agree they’re a steal.

Shop via @TwinkledHealing


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