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Seven ethical coffee brands you need to try on International Coffee Day

Not many things feel better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

But that tasty bean juice would go down even smoother if you knew that it had been farmed, produced and sold in an entirely ethical way.

Ethical coffee means the produce has been farmed fairly and responsibly, that the people who grow the beans are paid fairly, and that the process of production isn’t overly damaging to the environment.

There are certain things you want to look for when you’re buying coffee – firstly, you want it to be Fairtrade. This means some of the profits are given back to the communities where the coffee is grown.

The Fairtrade certification guarantees that farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee, employees are given fair wages and working conditions are fair and equal among all staff – so it’s really a must.

Secondly, you would hope that your coffee has a low carbon footprint, and that the manufacturers are making consciously eco-friendly choices. This can include things like ‘shade growing’, which is a technique that preserves the landscape and allows farmers to use less water.

So, lets have a look at some of the best ethical coffee brands that you need to try in order to make your next cup a little bit more planet-friendly:

Café Direct

Well rounded body with smooth notes of sweet molasses (Picture: Café Direct)

Their Arabica coffee is from La Paz, a famous coffee growing region in South Honduras. The coffee is sourced from a cooperative that was started to support struggling farmers in the region.

Buy 1kg of beans for £17.59.

Terrone & co

Balanced flavours of toffee, cinnamon and apple (Picture: Terrone & co)

Terrone & co work directly with the farmers, so they are able to cut out numerous middlemen and ensure that enough money from their sales profits makes it back to the people who picked the coffee from the ground.

Buy the Autopilot Blend for £9.

Jewel & Kong

Velvety smooth with hints of chocolate praline and toffee (Picture: Jewel & Kong)

Jewel & Kong isn’t just a roastery. They’re the farmers, producers and roasters of their Guatemalan coffee. They’re incredibly community and sustainability-focused, and some of their profits go towards funding education for local children and wildlife projects that help conserve the endangered jaguar.

Buy 1kg of ground coffee for £19.50.


Fruity notes of pineapple and strawberry (Picture: WatchHouse)

WatchHouse has pledged to select beans that ensure a positive impact on the socioeconomic and environmental circumstances of farmers and producers. They say they have built working relationships with importers that we trust can meet our high standards, and who share the same global trading ideology.

Buy 250g of beans for £10.


Medium roast oozing with rich chocolate undertones (Picture: Presto)

Sustainability is at the heart of what Presto do. From ethically sourcing coffee beans, to using environmentally friendly packaging, they aim to be consistently striving to improve their impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Buy a bag of their Ground House Espresso for £4.99.

Volcano Coffee Works

Notes of caramel, red grapes and milk chocolate (Picture: Volcano Coffee Works)

Volcano Coffee Works believe that better livelihoods are possible when farmers have reliable and profitable businesses. So they pay their farmers on average double that of Commodity Coffee (C Market) and Fair Trade.

Buy The Mount Bled for £6.00.


Smooth and sweet with a long lasting milk chocolate aftertaste (Picture: Exhale)

Exhale is committed to having positive impact on the environment. They only use plastic-free packaging, and source only organic farmed coffee.

Buy a bag of Finca Nueva Esperanza for £7.95.


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