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Sex toys finally have an official safety standard for buyers to look out for

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You might not have realised this, but before now, sex toy manufacturers didn’t have any safety guidelines.

Standards for things like regular toys and other types of technology are so normalised, we take them for granted and expect them to be there to protect us as consumers.

Yet somehow, no safety guidelines were in place in the multi-billion-dollar industry of intimate pleasure products.

Sex toy brand We-Vibe, which is part of the Lovehoney Group, has invested in creating these new standards so consumers know what guidelines to look out for when shopping, and can trust what they’re buying.

Safety is paramount, given that these items are designed to be used in direct contact with genitalia and other sensitive parts of the body.

It is hoped the new international guidelines will reduce the risk of potential issues such as allergic reactions or injuries, after coming into effect at the end of September this year.

Dr Martin Dahlberg, a surgeon at Stockholm South General Hospital, initiated the standard after noticing in 2018 that more people needed operations to remove sex toys lodged in the rectum.

He said: ‘At our hospital, about 40% of cases of retained foreign objects are due to sex toys.

‘I contacted the consumer protection agency in early 2018 to find out if there was any regulation in the sex toys market, but there was not.

‘Yet, several possible injuries can result from the wrong use of sex toys.’

Some of the changes that will come into place include toys for anal use having mechanisms to ensure they can’t be inserted further than intended, and for toys with removable parts to have a locking feature so they can’t come away while in use.

For sex toys that can be controlled remotely by someone else, the person directly experiencing the toy must also have the power to easily switch it off.

There is also guidance on materials and chemicals that can and can’t be used.

Now, consumers can look out for ‘ISO 3533’ guideline on the product’s packaging to know which toys on the market meet these standards and which don’t, as it’s not mandatory for manufacturers to comply.

We-Vibe says: ‘An ISO 3533 compliant sex toy is a sign of confidence for consumers and other stakeholders, but it is not mandatory for manufacturers.

‘An ISO standard provides guidelines to ensure better consumer protection and experience.

‘It is now up to the country’s regulators to use international standards as the basis for a law, so that the application of these standards becomes mandatory.’


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