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Shop sustainably with these eco-friendly toiletries and beauty buys

Not sure where to start with making eco-friendly lifestyle changes?

How about your bathroom cabinet?

Start your day right with eco friendly toothbrush and toothpaste, switch out your collection of skincare bottles for biodegradable capsules, and choose haircare that’s making a difference in the world.

Plus there’s a period pad that you can flush without harming the environment.

Tooth eco-friendly toothbrush

My Celebrity Life –
A brush that will last you a lifetime

It’s a startling thought that our toothbrushes (the hundreds we will each use in a lifetime) will outlive us in landfill.

Tooth wants to change that, with the launch of its sustainable toothbrush — the recycled aluminium handle is designed to last a lifetime, with the biodegradable and recyclable heads sent to you on a subscription basis.

Buy it for £20 from Tooth

Mad About Moisture capsules

My Celebrity Life –
Bolt from the blue (Picture: Bolt Beauty)

If you’re heading on a mini break but don’t want to be weighed down by your beauty products, Bolt Beauty has the solution.

It makes cleanser, moisturiser, and day and night serums in individual doses that come in compostable capsules made from biodegradable seaweed.

Buy it for £30 (100 capsule jar) from Bolt Beauty

Brushd Toothpaste Tablets

My Celebrity Life –
Toothpaste that’s in a tablet

Once you’ve switched your toothbrush for a sustainable one, it’s time to look at toothpaste tubes. Brushd Toothpaste Tablets are a planet-friendly alternative delivered in refillable, glass jars.

You chew the tablet and then brush — it’s easy and no plastic ends up going to landfill. No paste, no waste.


I Am Roxanne notebook

My Celebrity Life –
Buy the write stuff (Picture: Roxanne Jingco)

I Am Roxanne is an inspiring stationery brand. It makes ethical and empowering cards that are designed and printed in the UK on FSC certified paper, and envelopes made from sustainable eucalyptus pulp.

Even the cellophane packaging is biodegradable (or you can choose tissue-wrapped cards instead).

Buy it for £3.50 from I Am Roxanne

Planera flushable pads

My Celebrity Life –
Flushable pad is a game-changer

Did you know that 30% of period care products in the UK are flushed down the toilet but that exactly zero per cent are flushable? The remaining pads that are sent to landfill will take 500 years to break down.

Planera is the world’s first flushable pad, made from plant fibres, that will entirely break down in 30 days. This UK-made, sustainable product is a game-changer for women everywhere.

Buy it for £16 (40-pad box) from Planera

Aussie SOS Supercharged Repair and Moisture Vegan Hair Mask

My Celebrity Life –
Repairing hair for Aussies

Haircare brand Aussie has partnered with the WWF to restore Australia’s bushland that’s been destroyed by devastating fires.

Do your bit to repair the bush while repairing your hair — money from sales of the new Aussie SOS Supercharged Repair and Moisture Vegan Hair Masks go to Australian bushfire recovery efforts.

Buy it for £9.99 from Superdrug


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