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The best Amazon buys to help you through the heatwave

It’s getting seriously hot – and while we love the good weather, the heat can cause some problems.

From sweat to irritability, all you ever want to do is cool down; no easy feat without air conditioning.

Thankfully, there are devices that can make heatwave a bit more bearable.

As always, Amazon has the best and most comprehensive selection of random gadgets that can be delivered to your door in a day or two.

Our top picks include a turbo desk fan, a large inflatable pool, and cooling towels which will remain on our face for the foreseeable future.

And don’t forget that pets can struggle in the warmer weather too, making a cooling pet mat a must-buy for any animal owner.

So go forth and embrace the heat, because we don’t get it very often and it never lasts for long.

However, when the rising mercury becomes more irritating than enjoyable, reach for these items for some sweet relief.

Pro Breeze Turbo Desk Fan

Cool down quickly without noise with this whisper-quite desk fan (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £59.99 at Amazon.

Misting sports bottle

Mist in the heat while you stay hydrated (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £16.37 at Amazon.

Retro Pineapple Ice Bucket

Cool your drinks in style (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £29.93 at Amazon.

Chillmax Pillow cooling gel insert

Say goodbye to night sweats by placing this over your pillow before you sleep (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £9.95 at Amazon.

Duronic ice cream maker

Nothing better than an ice cream on a hot day – especially when it’s homemade (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £33.99 at Amazon.

onaEz Cooling Sleep Mask

Cool for 20 minutes for cold therapy – it’s also great for relieving the pain of tension headaches (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £15.99 at Amazon.

Stackable Ice Lolly Moulds

Ice lollies are a summer staple (Picture: Amazon)

Get the set for £24.48 at Amazon.

Portable air conditioner

Full-size air conditioners can be expensive – but this is a cost-effective solution (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £43.99 at Amazon.

Self-cooling mat for pets

Pets need to be cooled down too (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £10.95 at Amazon.

Jumbo inflatable pool

Inflatable fun to make the most of your garden (Picture: Amazon)

Get it for £34.99 at Amazon.

Cooling towels

Stay chilled for up to 3 hours (Picture: Amazon)

Get a set of six towels for £20.99 at Amazon.


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