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The best TikTok accounts for true crime fans

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True crime documentaries, books and podcasts are undeniably popular, so it’s little wonder that true crime made its way onto the ever-growing TikTok social media platform.

To date, there have been more than 5 billion uses of the hashtag #truecrime on the app – with many accounts being devoted to sharing the details of true crime cases in bitesize form.

Though, much like the other forms of ‘entertainment’ based on real-life disappearances and murders – true crime TikTok has come under fire for casually sharing the details of people’s stories on social media.

That said, if you just can’t get enough of the genre, and you’re looking for true crime on TikTok, look no further.

But do remember – TikTok’s not the best place to get your news. Users posting these stories aren’t necessarily experts in true crime, or crime at all – nor have their posts been verified. Most of them come with a trigger warning, too.

Ready? Ok.

True crime TikTok accounts to follow

Cam @truecrimecam

@truecrimecamstates with the worst rates. number 7 is Alabama. #greenscreen #foryou #fy

♬ original sound – Cam ??

True Crime Cam is one of TikTok’s best known true crime storytellers, with 1.2 million followers and over 32.5 million likes on her videos.

Known for her straight-talking approach to telling true crime stories, she’s recently been narrating clips called ‘states with the worst rates’ – briefly explaining US homicide rates in each of its worst-affected areas.

She also has a podcast of the same name on Spotify.

Mystery Team Inc @mysteryteaminc

Mystery Team Inc are also podcasters/TikTok users. They describe themselves as ‘A True Crime Comedy Podcast about Mysteries and the Magic of Friendship’.

Posts on their TikTok, which has over 350,000 followers, cover such crimes as the Chicago Tylenol Murders and the mystery surrounding the 1965 death of American journalist Dorothy Kilgallen.

Jackie @truecrimeallthetime

With 577,000 followers, Jackie has well over half a million people listening to her narrate unsettling stories.

One of her most recent was less about true crime and more a spooky supernatural story concerning the Stanley Hotel, and its most haunted room.

When Killers Get Caught @caughtpodcast

@caughtpodcast@creepswithbrian going “whaaaaaaat?” Gets me EVERYTIME! Thanks for the highlighting our podcast @spoopy_ruby ! We were still such newbs then!!

♬ original sound – When Killers Get Caught

TikTok-er and podcaster Brittany Ransom has racked up 750,000 followers posting about true crime stories.

She says on her podcast’s website that she’s been ‘studying’ crimes since she was a child – though she actually works as a teacher.

Tara Voshell @spooky_sleuth

Tara is one of the podcasters behind 3 Spooked Girls, and also runs a popular TikTok account for 546,000 fans, to the tune of 9.3 million likes.

In among the crime tales and paranormal features, told to camera in true TikTok style, Tara also recommends movies, TV shows and books.

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