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The biggest Lego set ever sold is a massive new 9,000 piece Titanic model

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That’s quite the Christmas present (pic: Lego)

History’s most famous ship has broken the record for the most number of bricks in an official set and the longest ever Lego model.

Lego might have been invented for kids but there’s an increasingly large market for sets aimed at adults, and they don’t tend to be small affairs either.

Previously, the biggest set ever was a recreation of the Colosseum in Rome, which is made up of an incredible 9,036 bricks. The new model of the Titanic has just beaten it though, since it’s made up of 9,090 bricks.

As you’d imagine, that’s resulted in an extremely accurate looking replica, which at 135cm (53”) is also the longest Lego set ever, comfortably beating the 110cm (43”) record set by the Imperial Star Destroyer.

As well as the exterior looking just like the real thing, the whole model divides into three sections to show a cross section of the ship and interior rooms including the First Class grand staircase and the Jacobean style dining saloon on D Deck.

The engine room is also recreated in exacting Lego detail and the pistons move automatically when you turn the propellers. You can even raise the anchor and adjust the tension line between the masts.

My Celebrity Life –
That’s actually really impressive (pic: Lego)

As you’d expect, none of this comes cheap and the set costs an eye-watering £569.99. That’s clearly not an impulse purchase but it will make for the perfect Christmas present for serious Lego fans.

That’s no doubt why it’s being released on November 1 for pre-order, to go on general sale from November 8 at Lego stores and the Lego website.

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