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The Fight Against Hacker Attacks

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The economy loses billions of dollars each year – just because of cybercrime. Attackers are increasingly professionalizing themselves and offering their services like ordinary companies. As a result, cybersecurity is becoming a booming industry.

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest nightmares for many people to come into the office in the morning, turn on the computer and receive the message in a pop-up window that a hacker has gained access to sensitive data.

The latent risk of becoming a victim of such attacks has increased at an alarming rate. It affects individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and municipal entities alike. Online casinos may also be affected. Therefore, it is very important to play, get for example 200% deposit bonus casino UK only in casinos with a license and a high level of protection.

The concern is particularly high at the corporate level. In addition to losses of trust in relation to their own clientele, the economic damage can be immense. 


What Cybercriminals Use to Extort Money

Criminals primarily target access to and control of foreign financial data and intellectual property. In addition, the disruption of operational processes and the failure of entire production and information systems are at the top of the agenda. 

 The aim is to extort a ransom: Data is released in exchange for payment of money or cryptocurrencies. Malware that restricts or prevents access to data and systems is known in technical jargon as ransomware. 

 Even globally active companies can be affected. The Wall Street Journal reported about 250,000 victims. Hackers then offered sensitive data of more than 30 million business relationships or interested parties in darknet forums with the aim of extorting 280,000 US dollars in Bitcoins.


A New Hacker Industry is Emerging

 A successively growing hacker industry has long since emerged, in which individual groups have specialized in certain types of attacks and offer them as a service. A type of rental software is made available on the network as a service that can be used by new gangs to carry out extortion attacks with encryption software – ransomware as a service, so to speak.

 At the same time, digital criminals offer technical support to help victims recover or release data after an encryption attack. Another group of cybercriminals provides tools to help post stolen data on social media. 

 Due to the immense importance and urgency, even U.S. President Biden has now stepped in to discuss U.S. cybersecurity with representatives of the largest technology companies, according to media reports.


A Real Boom Awaits Cybersecurity

 The growing number of hacker attacks is significantly increasing the demand for cybersecurity worldwide. Leading vendors in this business area are likely to face a real boom. 

 Various companies presented excellent quarterly figures, resulting in corresponding price jumps. However, cybersecurity is a very complex field that can only be analyzed well with in-depth expert knowledge and a great deal of effort. 



 Although cyber hacking has been around for some time now, the threats are becoming bigger and more dangerous. These last years have shown that the fight against hacking isn’t just on the internet, but worldwide – with politicians confirming the danger that companies and private users can encounter.

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