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The Full Moon In Scorpio Offers Us The Gift Of Knowledge

Sometimes it can feel like full moons are a gift the sky gives us. Not a tissue-paper gift, not porcelain and fragile with lightness, despite all the light we see. A full moon has energetic weight, and this full moon in Scorpio is no exception. A supermoon under the stars of a fixed water sign, the Scorpio full moon takes up all the energy in the room; it sits in the pit of your stomach, sending signals to your heart that there’s something amiss. It’s not a doom and gloom scenario — although Scorpios love a dash of both in an otherwise resplendent scene. Rather, it offers up the gift of knowing that there’s more to know, it reminds us of the burden of understanding that there’s an underside to everything.

This Taurus season, a full moon in Scorpio gives us the chance to hold both collective grief — something that is not only personal, but also our collective inheritance — and the pleasure of being alive at the same time. In the northern hemisphere, thick and fleshy petals from magnolia trees flutter past lilac blooms, the earth pungent with renewal. In the southern hemisphere, the last of the harvest clings to the vines and birds begin their northern migration. One case is won, but another life is lost. What has died, returns, and what’s beloved is surrendered to time. Whether or not you have a personal faith practice, the influence of Taurus season is an influence of faith — that our efforts will survive us, that our love and devotion is a sacred offering, however brief.

The opposition between the Taurus stellium and the Scorpio full moon creates a T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is an enduring influence, vested in big-picture thinking. Aquarian energy is not so different from that of the other three fixed signs. Aquarians carry the gravitas of Taurus, the emotional acuity of Scorpio, the magnanimity of Leos. But, they carry these attributes like currents, recognizing that the emotions and responses they stir up are impermanent. To make a lasting impact, Saturn in Aquarius strives to build a system that can respond to the winds of change, a system that rides them. While Taurus and Scorpio understand that all things change, they resent how often change occurs without warning, and without their expressed consent. Control is a fixed sign delusion, rooted in fear of loss. To overcome it, Scorpio and Taurus spend a great deal of energy resisting attachments and denying their own needs.

While it’s true that attachments can be a fast track to sorrow, they’re also part of the human condition. We are creatures of habit and even the most ascetic amongst us will find themselves checking a nearby fire escape for the cat that lives there and flushing with pleasure when the familiar fuzzy face appears, languidly interested in her observer. Attachments are also, apparently, fast tracks to pleasure, to chemistry between good friends and the familiar scent of someone you loved once and still do. Under the full moon in Scorpio, we’re invited to locate the many attachments we are capable of, from the most dramatic to the mundane and routine. We’re encouraged to observe the many faces of those attachments, how they serve us when we enjoy them and how they teach about the life cycles of all things when we no longer can. A cherry tree is a feast for the eyes in April, but the fruit that follows the fall of her blossoms is a feast worthy of that loss.


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