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The importance of taking a ‘life admin’ day off work

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Without even realising, life can get really hectic.

Time moves quickly, work gets busy and social calendars become full.

Suddenly, those tasks on your mental ‘to-do’ list are forgotten and pushed away for another day.

But does that day ever come?

As we try to move on from the pandemic, we are rushing to experience all the moments of existence we have missed.

This is understandable, but our bodies and minds are suffering as a result. Sometimes, missing the routine dentist appointment for a lunch meeting isn’t the best option.

Sometimes, not sorting those bills or dismissing that list of chores on your dining table leaves you feeling more overwhelmed than before.

For many, the work/life balance is impossible to maintain and so an ‘admin’ day may be the answer.

A ‘life admin’ day is a 24-hour period where you get your sh*t in order.

From putting on that wash, to cleaning your bedroom, to booking a check-up, these days are for restoration and rectification.

And there is power in them too.

Denise Kenny Byrne, co-founder of The Head Plan and a qualified life and wellness coach says life admin days are essential.

‘A life admin day is considered by many as ‘boring’ but it is in fact a central part of self-care,’ she tells

‘It’s less candles, bubble baths and face masks and more about just looking after yourself.

‘Do the tasks you’ve been putting off like dropping those returns to the post office, paying that credit card bill, planning your food for the week so you avoid bad choices. Once completed they make you feel grounded and on top of everything.’

Life coach Heidi Hauer says fulfilling ‘duty’ is important for wellbeing in general, meaning those seemingly menial tasks are of great importance.

‘Surprisingly, taking an “admin” day is a practice that supports you in being more efficient,’ she explains.

‘If you feel that you constantly have to work, deliver and be everything to everyone, you open the door to self-sabotage. We are all humans and need breaks in between peak performance times but we also need space to get things organised.

‘So write the day down and book it in because you are more likely to tick tasks off when you have scheduled them in your diary.’

To partake in a successful life admin day, Jasmin Harsono, a wellness guide and founder of Emerald and Tiger, says to be intentional with the period.

‘Everything is made up of energy, which includes the home we live in and the activities we partake in,’ she notes. ‘Therefore, it is important to declutter and clear our spaces and lives so that we clear stagnant energy.

‘This helps us feel lighter, more creative, and brings more motivation into our everyday lives.’

How to have an efficient ‘life admin’ day

To organise the day, Jasmin advises to make a list.

‘Create and prioritise your list, starting with the most important task,’ she says.

‘For example, first we can physically take action by doing a deep clean, cleaning out the cupboards and clearing out anything we are not using, such as clothes, technology, food, and beauty products.

‘We can then check our budget, pay the bills, and catch up with any household-related inquiries like reading the gas and electricity meter or making an appointment with the bank.’

‘Then open the window and allow the fresh air to move around the home.’

Finally, Jasmine says to envision how unburdened you will feel when the day is done. This release from unnecessary stress will help you move forward with clarity.

‘Planning to have this day regularly can help release anxiety and worry from your life,’ she explains.

‘Then the load of that mental to-do list will no longer weigh you down.’


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