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Top 5 Entertainment Choices for a Plush Wedding

Luxurious modern weddings require more than just a skilled host. Everyone’s expectations are high, especially towards the after-ceremony reception, as they are looking forward to being entertained and amazed.

To keep the attendees impressed, you have to think out of the box for the wedding bash. Make it an affair to remember by carefully choosing the brand of entertainment you will be feeding your guests. Check out the five brilliant ideas below and see if you can pick something up.


Go all-out with an orchestra

Music is a key ingredient to a fun wedding reception. It is the beat of the party, so to speak. But we are talking about a plush affair here, not just any ordinary wedding. So, a quality sound system or a talented wedding singer may not be enough. Instead, you must bring in a high level of sophistication by hiring an orchestra group. It may comprise 4 to 5 musicians or the entire symphony representing the four instrument groups, including strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion.

Undeniably, an orchestra has a different, more elegant appeal. However, it is not as easy to book for your big day as it seems. You have to find a group that will match your vision for your wedding day, which means you need a lot of time to do your research. If possible, meet the musicians in person, see them perform, and ask several questions to see if their style matches your dream wedding, from start to finish. If you work with a skilled party planner, even this burden could be relieved off your shoulder. They can set you up with the best suppliers, including those for entertainment. It will be such a treat to serenade your guests with sweet, soothing sounds while they enjoy their meal and the rest of the evening.


Hire fire dancers

Fire performers would add a significant wow factor to your event. The flash of flames coupled with bold music is the perfect combination to make an outdoor wedding setup sparkle. It will make people talk about your wedding for the days, weeks, and months to come. But of course, you must ensure hiring the most talented fire dancers or professionals who round up beachfront bars with their moves. Even if you opt for a destination beach wedding, that is not so difficult to do. Fire dancers highlight the seaside scene from most parts of the world. So, even if you choose to get married in Brighton Beach or the Caribbean, India or the Philippines, you will not have trouble booking a fire spinner for your wedding after-party.


Bring in some circus fun

For entertainment to level up, you should not settle with mainstream options. Instead, make their eyes go wide open with a heart-thumping circus performance. To bring a circus group at the centre stage of your wedding is not usual, but it is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do to give your guests an enjoyable time sitting it out for the night. You can be sure that every time the performers go about their tricks, whether it is juggling or tightwire dancing, your guests will applaud with delight; the spectacle will make it a night to remember.


Hire out casino tables

Make it a fun game night for everyone by adding a couple of casino tables in and letting them deal to their heart’s content. Bring the glitz and glamour of big-time casinos into your wedding reception so they can earn their chips. Award a prize to the person who gets the most to add even more fun to the evening.


Add a showstopping fireworks display

Put up a show of lights and mesmerise everyone, including yourself. The most important day of your life deserves a magical ending, which could double up as a fantastic background for your couple snaps. Like everything else, this is best handled by professionals who can combine the play of multi-coloured lights with your favourite tune.

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