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Two-bed Cornwall house on sale for £40,000 – but there’s a bit of mess to clean

Fancy the challenge? (Picture: Allsop/Rightmove)

A two-bed terraced home in Cornwall is expected to go for just £40,000 at auction – over £150,000 below the area average – but there’s a catch.

The dilapidated house, situated in Camborne, is in need of a very deep clean, and the new owners will have to contend with rooms full of rubbish.

The average price for a home in Camborne was £191,562 as of last year, according to Rightmove, so by comparison, this house is set to go for an absolute steal.

There are, however, rubbish bags and clothes strewn across the floor inside, along with empty liquor bottles, overflowing bins, unmade beds and lopsided curtains thanks to a broken curtain rail.

Elsewhere, there are patchy paint jobs, cracks in walls and what looks like wallpaper hanging off the walls.

From the outside, you can see a boarded up window, a Union Jack flag, and lime green paint covering the facade, which could also do with a good scrub.

The bedroom needs a bit of work (Picture: Allsop/Rightmove)
It’s pretty spacious (Picture: Allsop/Rightmove)

Indeed, locals haven’t been happy with the home’s kerb appeal, saying it’s making the neighbourhood unpleasant.

The home stands in stark contrast to the building next door, which serves as environment secretary George Eustice’s constituency office.

Underneath the clutter, the property has two bedrooms and two bathrooms to its name, with the top cistern missing from one of them.

The living room (Picture: Allsop/Rightmove)
The building is right next to George Eustice’s constituency office (Picture: Allsop/Rightmove)

Social media users didn’t hold back from critiquing the home, with one saying it looked like something from a scene in BBC crime drama Silent Witness.

She wrote: ‘Bloody hell. The only people you expect to see going in there are Emilia Fox and David Caves.’

Another joked: ‘I love the broken pole.’

If your house is in a similar state but you are desperate to sell, you may want to look at a specialist service rather than the open market.


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