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Use this genius TikTok hack to wrap bottles like a pro

The tall, skinny present bag can be a bit of a Christmas let-down.

Sure, the contents are going to be great – but the bag is a touch dull.

Plus, you miss out on the joy of tearing off paper.

But a new gift-wrapping hack reveals how to make this particular present become a showstopper.

Chantel Mila, a TikTok user from Melbourne, recently shared the ultimate hack for wrapping bottles to make them look super fancy.

Plus, you get to use up any excess wrapping paper instead of forking out for individual bags.

All you need is some wrapping paper, tape and a piece of ribbon.

Here’s how to wrap bottles like a professional:

Step 1: Wrap the paper around the bottle

First, Chantel wraps a piece of wrapping paper all the way around the bottle and secures it with a piece of tape.

Wrapping the bottle (Chantel Mila/TikTok)

Step 2: Fold at the bottom

Next, she folds the wrapping paper at the bottom of the bottle into triangles, fitting them into the punt – or concave – of the bottle.

Then, secure with tape again before standing the bottle upright ready for step three.

Make sure it’s secure (Chantel Mila/TikTok)

Step 3: Fold the remaining paper into a zig zag

Then Chantel folds the excess wrapping paper at the top of the bottle in a zig zag pattern by folding forwards and backwards over each layer (like you’re making a fan).

Here’s where it gets interesting (Chantel Mila/TikTok)

Step 4: Secure with a ribbon

Keeping the zig zag folds in tact, Chantel then wraps a long piece of ribbon around the length of the bottle to secure them in place.

She ties the ribbon into a bow at the top.

Tie it up with a bow (Chantel Mila/TikTok)

Step 5: Lift the folds into a fan shape

Finally, Chantel lifts the folds from each side of the ribbon creating a beautiful fan shape, adding tape at the middle to keep it in place.

Making the fan (Chantel Mila/TikTok)
The finished product (Chantel Mila/TikTok)

And voila – a gorgeous gift for under the tree that looks just as exciting as its contents.


Credit: Original article published here.

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