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What Is Mantra Meditation & 13 Mantras To Get You Started

Mantras are used in meditation practice to help ground you to the current moment and release your mind from invading thoughts.

Mantra meditation is meant to relax and center you by releasing judgments and worries.

To put it simply: it helps you be present in the moment. And by practicing mantra meditations, you’ll help focus yourself even deeper into this sense of calm and release.

If you want to begin mantra meditation, it’s important to consider what you want to focus on before you get started.

Some people like to practice this exercise while focusing on reaching a higher connection to the divine within themselves, be it spiritual or religious. And some simply like the health benefits of meditative focus and the increased connection with their own inner peace.

Meditation is much more easily said than done, though.

You may worry that because you can’t still your thoughts that you’re bad at meditation, but this is something that affects everyone and can get better with practice. Sometimes it feels like you can’t help but think, and during meditation, it’s common for thoughts to enter your mind.

That’s why mantras are a helpful tool for concentration during meditation.

When you focus on a specific word or phrase, it’s harder for other thoughts to slip in.

This is not to say that other thoughts won’t still intrude upon your meditation, but having an anchor, like a mantra, can bring you back to the center.

Regularly practiced, mantra meditation can improve your focus, decrease ruminating thoughts, and relieve stress that causes tension in your body and plagues your mind.

However you practice meditation, mantras are a useful tool for helping ground you and maintain your focus while also creating a specific intention for your meditation practices.

Here are some examples of mantras that you can use during your mantra meditation:

1. “Om.”

In Sanskrit mediation, om is thought to be the sound of the universe. Using om as a mantra is recognizing the oneness of yourself with the universe.

2. “I have compassion for myself and others.”

Mantras can be a great reminder to be kind, not only to others but to yourself as well.

3. “Every day is a new beginning.”

A lot of people like to make meditation a part of their morning routine. This mantra would be great for a morning meditation to start your day right.

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