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What is ‘royalcore’ and how can you get the look at home?

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Fancy feeling regal? (Picture: SONY PICTURES)

Just as you got your head around cottagecore, royalcore is now a thing.

But what is it?

Royalcore is an interiors trend, made popular by shows like The Crown and Bridgerton, that’s all about the regal aesthetic.

The hashtag for the trend on TikTok alone has 175 million views – and it’s only growing.

Martin Gill, managing director of And So To Bed, says: ‘Royalcore is the umbrella term for a group of regal-themed aspirational aesthetics, one of which (Regencycore) came to light when Bridgerton hit our screens via Netflix last year. The genre also includes Knightcore, Princecore, Princesscore, Kingcore and Queencore.

‘As the name suggests, the aesthetic can be achieved by taking inspiration from periodic and lavish royal-based settings, mainly between the 5th and 19th century – rather than more modern monarchies.’

The inspiration ranges from the Arthurian times to the Belle Époque period of the late 19th century.

My Celebrity Life –
Try a muted green wall like in Bridgerton (Picture: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

How can you get the look at home?

The idea is for the home environment to look refined and elegant, with there being plenty of intricate details.

Martin says: ‘This usually involves either deep rich tones such as purples, blues and reds or muted pastels – like pinks, light blues and greens – accented with a metallic colour such as gold or silver, to add a touch of luxury. The Palace of Versailles is a fantastic reference point.

‘As for furniture and decorative aspects, those looking to achieve the royalcore look should include Persian-style rugs, gilded wooden furniture, candelabras, clawfoot embellishments, Venetian mirrors, ornate headboards or a statement bed such as four-poster or floral upholstered into their home.’

Prestigious Textiles stress there are three easy places to start if you’re wanting to adopt the trend.

Marketing director Nicola Brumfitt says it’s all about ‘delicate finishes’ and ‘striking centerpieces’.

My Celebrity Life –
Gold accents are a great way to elevate a room (Picture: Netflix)


Reupholster furniture by adding new things like fresh cushion covers that include rope embroidery and large rose florals.

You can also look for curtains with rope ties, and things with tulle and lace trims.

This gives a ‘romantic and decadent feel’, Nicola says – all without requiring that much effort.

Colour palettes

Go for muted colours and pastel shades.

Muted red and green colour palettes make for a stylish and sophisticated colour scheme that immediately enhances the royalcore feel.

From wallpaper, accessories or a simple lick of paint, choosing the right colours will create the foundations for further exploration,’ Nicola says.

You can also find items with gold accents and leaf carvings.

Modern twists

You don’t have to make every item royalcore in appearance in order to get that overall feel – it’s fine to have modern decor that complements too.

Nicola adds: ‘Introduce pastels and subtle periwinkle for a classic, but innovative finish.

‘You don’t have to own antique furniture or a manor house to recreate the trend, simple and subtle adjustments to your existing interiors can make all the difference.’

Look for a statement item like a four-poster bed or sofa with a plush, soft feel – this will set the tone for the rest of the room.


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