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What To Manifest During The Lion’s Gate Portal To Make Your Dreams Come True

August 8 is the best day of 2021 to manifest your dreams. Not only will the Leo new moon bring us closer to attaining our innermost visions, but an ancient, mystical portal will be unlocked in the universe that will help our intentions take flight: the Lion’s Gate portal, a magical force that fills up the sky from July 28 to August 12, but is thought to reach its peak on August 8.

You may be asking yourself, “What is the Lion’s Gate portal?” It marks the time that the star Sirius — the brightest blue star in the sky, which is known as the “Spiritual Sun” and has a long history of astronomical significance among groups including ancient Egyptians and the Dogon tribe of Africa — rises and becomes visible in the sky. This time of year is also when the sun is in its home in Leo, the sign of the lion. And the date — 8/8 — is a transformative and powerful number in numerology, one that brings change; 88 also represents infinity. This year’s new moon just adds an extra boost of life-changing energy.

All of these events are positive, and today, the Lion’s Gate portal is an occurrence that many astrologers believe can bring abundance and prosperity — and is a perfect time to manifest your dreams. By putting your intention towards something that you want to happen, you can create it. If you believe in the vision, it will come to fruition.

Even if you’ve never manifested before, with all the magical and sparkly energy behind you, now’s the time to try out the practice. And if you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a guide for what to meditate on to make the most of the Lion’s Gate, based on your zodiac sign.


Your fiery and impulsive nature makes you a risk-taker by nature. The caveat is that recently you have only wanted to take calculated, not speculative, risks. Now is the time to change that attitude. The stars are aligned and urging you to throw caution to the wind when it comes to your financial situation. Buy a lotto ticket. Roll the dice. Take a chance. You could win big..


You are opting to create a happy personal life for yourself. Expelling negativity from your orb will require you to let go of a lot of past hang ups and emotions, but if you are willing to start anew within yourself, it is totally doable. Move towards growth in order to live your best life ever and to consume your heart with joy while you build a bright future for yourself and everyone around you.Photographed by Megan Madden.


We love you Gemini, but you are constantly giving your all to others in an effort to make them happy, when you should be the free bird that you are. Get out of the cage that you’ve created for yourself and see that world. We know you love your comfort zone, but now’s the time to strike out and travel. Experience new places, things, feelings, people, and flavours. Spread your wings and fly to new heights. Embrace your freedom. Photographed by Megan Madden.


Stop looking at things from your point of view and discussing your emotions. Being a little less caught up in your issues will open your mind and heart to understand matters and to gain the clarity that you desperately crave about situations. Instead of obsessing and examining everything with a microscope, ask questions, engage with others more, and don’t shift the conversation to be about you. You don’t have to think so hard to get answers.Photographed by Megan Madden.


If you are worried about your finances, it’s a wonderful time to take out a loan and work on a savings plan. You may even receive cash unexpectedly from a family member or a large return on a former investment. The one thing that’s 100% certain is that you’re extra-powerful today, which means you can make your desires a reality. Money will come to you, when you ask the universe and meditate on it.


You are an extremely fair-minded person and you hate confrontation, which can be contradictory when it comes to being a leader. During this time, instead of running away from emotions that make you feel uncomfortable, practice relishing in them. The moment you face these awkward situations, the better you’ll be when it comes to being the visionary and leader you were born to be. This will require you to be more confident in your decision-making at all times.


Make a conscious decision to stop focusing on other people. Take some of the energy you’re giving out and apply it to your own life. Doing this won’t make you a horribly selfish person (and if it makes you a tad more self-centered, then that’s not a bad thing). The truth is that you need to start putting your needs first, before other people’s feelings, in order to maintain the balance you desperately crave.


Your career is extremely important to you, which is why now is the ideal time to set your goals higher than ever. Think about what your ultimate professional vision is. Meditate on what you want to attain and achieve in the near future. And dream big. It’s okay to have unrealistic expectations, as long as you’re manifesting something you truly want. Who knows? You may even get it, if you believe in the dream and yourself. Time to boss up!


Co-create with the universe by organizing your life. Instead of letting things happen on a whim like you normally do, start taking control ofthem. This will require you to make a daily to-do list and to start following through, which is something your free spirit isn’t necessarily keen on. It will keep you on the right path and direction, as well as show others that you’re serious about your future. You got this, Sag!


Intuition is a wonderful thing. It can save us from making major mistakes, and can guide us towards wonderful choices. Your gut feelings have been off lately, which is why you need to focus on opening your third eye chakra. When you allow yourself to submit to your subconscious by relaxing and being at one with the rhythms of the universe, you will find that it’s easy to lean into your heartfelt sentiments and intuitive side.


You’re not one for drama. In fact, you often run away from even the most minimal problems with others due to your non-confrontational manner. Rather than sulk in silence, ask the universe for peace within your friendships and relationships. This will squash long-standing issues that have existed with your SO, squad, and family. You can start fresh with your loved ones, if you’re ready to manifest healthy partnerships with them that will last a lifetime.


Right now, you’re longing for structure and order with the people you work with. All the more reason to try getting along better with your colleagues. Set an intention to create better communication and relationships with your coworkers. Ask for a cooperative work environment in which everyone can work together collectively, instead of your contemporaries seeking individual acclaim on the corporate ladder (the same applies to you). There is no “I” in the word “teamwork.”Photographed by Megan Madden.


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