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Woman reveals secret filter in microwaves that you need to clean

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The filter must be changed every six months (Picture: TikTok @mamasknowbest)

As one of the most used household appliances, microwaves need a regular deep clean.

But did you know there is a secret compartment in need of a scrub that many of us ignore?

One woman has shared the secret on TikTok and people are equally impressed as they are confused.

In a clip on the video sharing app, user @mamaknowsbest claims microwaves have a filter that needs changing every few months.

‘This is your reminder to change your microwave charcoal filter,’ she tells followers.

‘You’re supposed to change the filter every six months. So while I wait for my new one to come, I’m going to just clean this one.’

My Celebrity Life –
It doesn’t look appealing (Picture: TikTok @mamasknowbest)

She then cleans the filter, leaving it spotless and looking brand new.

Those in the comments were quick to voice their concern.

‘I’m tired of TikTok finding more things to clean,’ wrote one viewer.

‘I’m almost positive my apartment management has never changed these and I’m afraid to look,’ said another.

Others are simply confused.

‘Microwaves have filters?’ asked one concerned follower.

However, it is important to note that not all microwaves have filters. So don’t panic prematurely.

Standard tabletop microwaves do not have filters that need to be cleaned, but microwaves with fans that recirculate back into the kitchen do.

According to kitchen appliance brand Proline, charcoal and aluminum filters are most common.

‘You can wash stainless steel or aluminum mesh filters,’ the website says.

‘These filters require cleaning about every three months. If you cook a lot, you can inspect the filter every four to six weeks to make sure that your air is being cleaned properly.

‘Charcoal filters sit inside the microwave. They do not require cleaning; instead, replace these every six months.

‘Six months may not be the best time for everyone, it is a guideline so be mindful of your cooking habits and adjust as necessary.’


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