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Your 2022 Sex Horoscope Is Here, & This Year Is All About Experimentation

The year ahead will bring a lot of hits and misses in our sex lives. But for the most part, the next several months will be a time of exploration and awakening fantasies — we’re in the mood to embrace and try out new sexual positions and kinks.

The year kicks off during Venus retrograde in Capricorn, a backward journey that will slow down our love-making and libido. But the Planet of Love turns direct on the 29th January, ending the journey that began on 19th December 2021, and restoring our desire. What’s more, the North Node of Destiny moves into Taurus on the 18th January, bringing the the South Node into Scorpio and making hedonism the theme of 2022.

Two Venus Star Points occur this year, first on 8th January in Capricorn, then on 22nd October in Libra. This aspect happens when the Sun, Earth, and Venus link up in the sky, creating the ideal time to have intense sexual meetups that will rock our world.

We can also mark the four Mercury retrogrades of 2022 — in January, May, September, and December — in our calendars as times we may hear from exes or former hookups, looking for a brief repeat fling; we may also notice an urge to try new kinks or redefine our sexual boundaries. Eclipses can also affect our bedroom activities, and there are four in 2022 — two solar eclipses (on 30th April and 25th October) and two lunar eclipses (on 16th May and 8th November), all great times to indulge in passions.

Venus and Mars will connect twice, exactly a month apart: first on 12th February in Capricorn and then on 12th March in Aquarius. The merging of the Planet of Love and the Planet of Sex make these dates especially amorous, perfect for a few hours of steamy fun. A few months later, Uranus and the North Node of Destiny connect in Taurus on 31st July, allowing us to experiment with our sexual activities freely.

The year may end on a slightly quieter note, with Mars retrograde from 30th October to 12th January, 2023 in Gemini, a moonwalk that often has the effect of dampening our sex drive. But all isn’t lost: fun-loving Jupiter’s transit through emotional Pisces from 28th October to 20th December can make us want to merge into one between the sheets.

Lisa Stardust is an astrologer and the author of The Astrology Deck, out now.


The truth is, you’d rather satisfy yourself than play by someone else’s rules – so you’ll be just fine flying solo when Venus and Mars connect in two steamy unions on 12th February 12 and 12th March. Later on, Mars retrograde from 30th October to 12th January, 2023 may cause some old flames to resurface, but while you’ll be on the prowl for a fling, be wary: Igniting an old flame may lead you into murky emotional territory, since you’ll likely be in the mood for a new sexual partner when the retrograde ends. The lunar eclipse in pleasure-loving, indulgent Taurus on 8th November is the perfect time to slide into a prospective lover’s DMs, since everyone will be in the mood for love – you may find yourself with someone to keep you warm when you’re ringing in the new year (along with your ex, who you’ll be keeping on the back burner of your desires).


All you single Bulls will be hitting Tinder hard during 8th January’s Venus Star Point. Set an alarm for 18th January: That’s when your Sun aligns with the North Node of Destiny, and with your karmic path illuminated, you’ll be more sexually attractive than ever. Get ready to fend off (or welcome) advances, both virtually and IRL. If you’re attached, 12th February and 12th March (when Venus connects with Mars), and 12th April (when Jupiter aligns with Neptune) are three optimal days to play in bed with your boo, with the former two dates being more passionate, and the latter one being more exploratory. By the time Uranus and the North Node of Destiny connect in Taurus on 31st July, you’ll have learned to excite your partners and yourself in new, thrilling ways, creating a foundation to an even more orgasmic time in bed. With your libido heightened, the Venus Star Point on 22nd October will take you to new heights. 


Although you generally enjoy sharing the work in bed equally, you may feel differently during Venus’s backwards spin (which ends on 29th January). You’ll also see the benefit of letting your partner take the lead during the Mercury retrograde taking place from 10th May to 3rd June. Another retrograde to keep an eye on is the one Mars slips into on 30th October, which lasts until 12th January, 2023 — this may make your sexual vibe erratic. You may end up with a partner who’s only giving sometimes — but you can make sure you keep getting yours by switching up the energy, locale, and positions that you try out with your boo or crush. Enjoy the roller coaster ride that’s coming!


The Venus and Mars conjunction on March 12 may bring up some frustration: This passionate pairing sets the mood for a sexual encounter, but the evening may prove to be uneventful. In general,  sex may feel more like necessary maintenance for your body during the eclipses in dependable Taurus on 30th April and 8th November. But, it’ll be bombastic on 16th May and 25th October, when two eclipses occur in sizzling Scorpio. This kind of fluctuation is okay — don’t put pressure on yourself to be in the mood 24/7, and instead try to tune into your energy to figure out what you want and need at any given moment. This is especially important during Mars’s backwards journey that lasts from 30th October to 12th January, 2023. Knowing that your libido will be in flux will help you move in flow with the energy and not add pressure on yourself for your temperamental sex drive.


The Venus Star Points on 8th January and 22nd October will get you thinking outside the box when it comes to your passions. This could lead to a flirtation with someone who isn’t your usual type on 12th April, when Jupiter aligns with Neptune in a dreamy and extremely transformative move. Don’t ignore the vibe. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to take advantage of some exciting moments that will bring you intense orgasms during all four eclipses, which occur on 30th April, 16th May, 25th October, and 8th November. It doesn’t matter how different they are from who you pictured by your side: As long as your partner makes you feel like the dynamo that you are and pleasures you first (after all, your regal sentiments need to be the focal point of your sexual romps), then they’ll prove to be more than just a casual affair or FWB and become someone serious in your life.


Jupiter’s entrance into Aries from 10th May to 28th October and 20th December to 16th May, 2023 takes out of your submissive role and into a dominant state. You’ll be the one calling the shots in bed and putting your needs above your partner. The caveat is that Mercury’s backspins in January, September, and December bring you back into a subservient role, making you aim to please instead of the other way around. Try to find a balance in which you can mix both energies in your encounters during the two Venus Star Points of 2022, which occur on 8th January and 22nd October — being able to take and loose control will make all your sexual experiences more pleasurable.


The Venus Star Point on 8th January and the end of Venus retrograde on 29th January spark the feeling of butterflies flying… a little farther south than your stomach. You’ll be turned on, and if you don’t already have a partner to call, you may be pushed to hit the town (or the apps) to find a booty call during the passionate Venus and Mars connection, which occurs 12th March. Whether you end up with your SO or a beautiful stranger, parts of you that have been asleep for a while will be awakened during this transit, and you’ll have fun getting reacquainted with them. The eclipses on 30th April and 8th November, accompanied by the Uranus and North Node of Destiny conjunction on 31st July, are moments when you’ll let your kinks shine and openly discuss them with your sexual partner, or feel freer to explore them yourself. Your experimentation during this time will have ripple effects on your sexual confidence and chemistry for the rest of the year. 


Venus’s backwards journey, which lasts until 29th January, and Mars’s retrograde, which occurs from 30th October to 12th January, 2023, will bring a dry spell to your sex life. However, you will have a hot moment during the passionate Venus and Mars connections on 12th February and 12th March, leaving you wanting more. Fortunately, the transformative Jupiter and Neptune alignment on 12th April brings a mind-blowing hookup that leads to several romps throughout the year. The catch? The sex may be a tad vanilla for your flavourful palate, so it’s on you to bring the excitement – via blindfolds, roleplaying outfits, or whatever else sparks your desire.


Your sex drive may take an unexpected dip in the beginning of the year, especially on April 12 when a dreamy Jupiter and Neptune dampen your passions. But it will pick up again when Jupiter moves into desirous Aries, which happens twice – first 10th May to 28th October, and then again on 20th December. These transits are good times to experiment with new positions and sex toys. By the time the second Venus Star Point rolls around on 22nd October, you’ll be a sexpert who’s on the prowl for more intoxicating and amazing ways to satisfy your ravenous appetite for sex. 


It’s a known fact that you work hard. Therefore, you’ll need to start playing hard in 2022. This will require you to hit up the dating apps during the passionate Venus and Mars conjunction on 12th February. The odds of you finding someone who has the same sexual desires as you will be high — setting off a chain of daily sexting that will make your mouth water with desire on 12th April, when Jupiter aligns with Neptune. The good news is that 30th April and 8th November’s eclipses in Taurus, as well as the planetary connection between Uranus and the North Node of Destiny on 31st July, give you ample time to try out all those wild ideas you’ve been texting about. Talk about your wildest dreams coming true.


The Venus and Mars connection on 12th March, which links up on your Sun, asks you to define the ways you’re turned on. You’ll discover and vocalise that watching your partner and yourself orgasm are big turn ons. This could inspire you to make a personal video during the stimulating eclipses on 30th April and 8th November. When Uranus and the North Node of Destiny align on 31st July, you’ll be feeling yourself extra – in fact, you may pull out that video for your own personal use. The caveat is that Mars’s backwards march from 30th October to 12th January, 2023 will have you rethinking your sex life or maybe even feeling turned off by what excited you before — but resist the urge to edit or delete your sex tape. Simply take the dip for what it is, and remind yourself that your libido will soar again soon. 


The 12th April is an ideal day for an Oscar-worthy role-playing performance with bae. That’s when Jupiter and Neptune (who are the traditional and modern planetary rulers of your sign) align with your Sun. Their dreamy and dramatic presence motivates you to put on a costume, invent a fictional name, fake accent, and glam up your vibe with a smoky eye — all in the name of fun. When Jupiter moves into Aries on 10th May, you will get more confident in your fantasy world, which means that you’ll want to step things up in the months ahead. But be aware: Mars’s planetary backspin which commences on 30th October and lasts until 12th January, 2023 may fizzle your lust for imaginative romps. You may feel a bit like a fish out of water; the best thing you can do is expect it, and distract yourself with other things until Mars – and your sex drive —– straighten out again.


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