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Your August Horoscope Is Here & Change Is In The Air


Ch-ch-changes are in the air. You can expect the unexpected for your personal horoscope in August. Shake-ups, breakups, breakdowns, and the unforeseen are coming our way at the beginning of the month, making the majority of the days of August a time to catch up to the big reveals.

August 1 brings the Mars, Uranus, and North Node of Destiny alignment in Taurus. It’s the second part of the planetary connection that began on July 31 between Uranus and the North Node of Destiny. Fated choices and circumstances will come to the forefront of the collective, which will rock the world. Mercury enters Virgo on August 4 and Libra on August 25, giving us patience to completely understand and communicate our needs.

Planet of love and money, Venus, enters bold Leo on August 11, making declarations of affection and spending habits extraordinary and daring. The Aquarius full moon on August 11 urges us to make major relationship decisions — so be prepared to commit or let go. Action planet Mars swings into Gemini on August 20. Words can hurt during this transit, so use them wisely. Mars will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023 (due to the retrograde that begins on October 30), giving us plenty of time to work on how we assert and express ourselves.

The sun shifts into Virgo on August 22, bringing reason, practicality, and introspection to the last month of summer. Revolutionary Uranus starts its five month retrograde journey in Taurus on August 24, haunting change and growth for the time being. The new moon in Virgo on August 27 urges us to make logical and honest decisions that can augment our lives for the better.


It’s important to curb your temper in order to maintain positive relationships with your crew. Mercury’s entrance into Virgo on August 4 makes you less likely to pop off and more reflective as you examine situations from an analytical perspective. August 11’s full moon motivates you to speak up, but Venus’s entrance into Leo on the same day urges you to take caution with the words you say. When Mars enters Gemini on August 20, you will be back to your lively and outgoing self. Though you may find yourself looking at your extended friendship circle with a discerning eye, giving you the opportunity to tighten your group of friends in favour of the ones who are the real deal during August 27’s new moon.



When Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of Destiny align with your sun on August 1, you’ll be on an upwards swing. For the first time in a while, you will feel full of life, energy, and be willing to make any necessary changes to make situations better. All of the personal growth that you’re doing may affect your professional aspirations. By the time the full moon comes around and Venus glides into Leo on August 11, you’ll begin to evolve your business in a different direction that reflects the way the world is moving. Uranus’s backwards journey on August 24 confounded with the new moon on August 27 urges you to transform your career slowly to ensure that you receive the best results possible.


Everyone needs time away from work and school to relax and recharge their batteries. The caveat is that you’re becoming too accustomed to the summertime beach mindset and avoiding doing the bare minimum at work. When Mercury moves into Virgo on August 4 and Libra on August 25, you’ll be more invested in catching a wave with friends than attending Zoom meetings for work. Fortunately, August 11’s full moon will give you an excuse for your lack of motivation, since it is your vacation time and chance to chill. If you’ve been slacking on your responsibilities by not giving enough attention to professional projects, August 24 and 27 (when Uranus retrograde commences and the new moon occurs) could be the days you pay for it.


The month ahead encourages you to be free and take caution at the same time when it comes to your finances, which means balance is essential to harmonise these juxtaposing sentiments. Instead of rushing to invest all of your loot during August 11’s full moon, play the stock market wisely. This will serve you well when Uranus retrograde commences, as you’ll be able to donate money to a humanitarian cause that you believe in and avoid the stress of a stock market flip. Fortunately, August 27’s new moon allows you to reset, reinvest, and the ability to make sound choices when it comes to money.


Life has been moving smoothly and with ease over the past few months. Unfortunately, the planetary connection between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node on August 1 will bring the calmness to a sudden, screeching halt. When these three celestial bodies link up in the cosmos, you’ll want to shake up your career in bold ways, some of which may prove to be impulsive and not well thought out. The end result could affect the clients or contracts you have in the works during August 11’s full moon (which will cause a decrease in funding due to Venus’s ingress onto your sun sign). If you are planning to leave your job, plan the departure for August 22, 24, or the new moon on the 27th.


Patience may be hard to come by during the Mars, Uranus, and North Node conjunction in Taurus on August 1, but Mercury’s entrance into Virgo on August 4 offers support in your journey for R&R. Meditate with your favourite healing and calming crystals to help centre your energy during August 11’s Aquarius full moon, to make yourself invincible from any remaining negativity and stress floating around you in the aether. August 24, 25, and 27 are easier days, due to Uranus’s planetary moonwalk, Mercury’s shift into Libra, and the Virgo new moon. All of these transits will create an opportunity to mend fences, gain clarity into the minds of others, and loosen up inner tensions. As long as you don’t overthink things, you’ll be golden.


It’s never too late to live on your terms, protect your energy, and cut off toxic people. All of this will be easy to do at first, due to the Mars, Uranus, and North Node alignment in Taurus on August 1. As the month progresses, you’ll want to revisit unhealthy friendships — especially when Venus enters Leo the same day August 11’s full moon, as well as Mercury’s planetary connection with your sun on August 25. Be forewarned that the only one capable of change is you. These people have a lot of maturing, adjusting, and growth to do, which shouldn’t be done on your clock. Opting to spend time manifesting a better life for yourself during August 27’s new moon will be extremely gratifying.


August 1 brings partnership, friendship, and familial issues out in the open, creating obstacles and setbacks for you and those you care about. It’s possible that the stubbornness and inflexibility of others and even yourself will not let up, while the cracks in the foundation of these relationships are being shown and in need of change. Patience and empathy will prevail during August 11’s full moon, as you’re apt to work matters through with loved ones. The caveat is that Mars’s trot into Gemini on August 20 brings up the same issues, making the progress seem minimal. Use Uranus’s retrograde on August 24 and the new moon on August 27 to find a game plan that keeps you all together rather than tear relationships apart.


Finding people you can trust has been a challenge. But August 11’s full moon lets you cut beneath the surface and let go of superficial relationships that aren’t serving your best interests anymore. You could have many incredible friendships and loyal partners revealing their true selves when Mars enters Gemini on August 20 and Mercury enters Libra on August 25, showing you who you can rely on. Fortunately, by the time the Virgo new moon occurs on August 27, you will know who you want in your coven and who should be put on ice for the time being. Some people are shameless or unkind in their approach towards life, but you have evolved above and beyond these haters. Be your own cheerleader this month.


You may be drawn to take on a creative endeavour when Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of Destiny come together on August 1. Allowing yourself to express some of the inner sentiments within your subconscious will help you mend past trauma and embrace your inner child. This will prove to be super transformative during the full moon on August 11, because you’ll begin to feel reborn. Working through old wounds through artistic means will prove to be the best therapy and most effective healing process for you — so much so that you may be encouraged to teach others how they can use these techniques to work through inner pain, like you have, during Uranus’s retrograde on August 24 and August 27’s new moon.


Private matters may be revealed, shifting your sense of security as well as pushing inner anxieties to surface. TBH, you may want to hide away in your cocoon until the situation dissipates on August 1 and 24. Your inner strength could be tested during the full moon on August 11. However, you have the tenacity and endurance to stand up against those who want to tear you down. You’re likely to emerge victorious, as long as you are fighting fairly and for a good cause. Don’t give up on yourself! Embrace your power and fight back against those who aim to bring you down during August 27’s new moon. Your spirit and soulfulness will allow you to channel the energy of the collective and yourself.Illustration by barbarianflower



August calls for you to meditate on how to achieve future goals and to understand yourself better. This totally rings true during the Full moon on August 11, which forces you to access your subconscious desires, making you hungry for psychological insights (both personally and from others). You could also experience emotional breakthroughs at this time as well. You may see the parts of yourself clearly that you want to augment and transform, as you have the ability to know yourself from the inside out. Once you reach this heightened state, you will feel drawn to impart your new knowledge onto others when the sun ingresses into Virgo on August 22, starting a new foundation with your brood and friends during August 27’s new moon.

Please note that this information is general and astrological in nature and shouldn’t be construed as financial advice.

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