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Your Horoscope This Week: 19th June to 25th June, 2022


This week begins with a sextile between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces on the 19th. Each planet is at home in their individual sign, which lends a special potency to this aspect, facilitating romantic experiences and sensual connections. These erotic possibilities are hardly limited to the human realm, especially as the moon settles into her last-quarter phase under the stars of Pisces on the 20th. Here, the sensual world is inclusive and expansive, a wide river mouth and a dew-wet fir.

In her last-quarter phase, the moon is interested in endings. But, in Pisces, she knows that closure is in itself fleeting — a temporary state — and she moves toward it with an open heart. Mercury in Gemini makes a sextile to Jupiter in Aries on the same day, adding broader perspectives to our widening senses. A trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn follows on the 21st, cranking the intensity up a delicious notch. What better way to celebrate the solstice and begin Cancer season on the same day? No better way.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

One would think that the Sun’s shift into a cardinal sign would bode well for other cardinals, that there’s something about Cancer energy that Aries understands. In many ways, that understanding is very real and very powerful. One need only throw a small stone to strike an Aries/Cancer couple. But the attraction isn’t exactly a gentle one. It’s dynamic in nature and born of tension which, when respected, can be incredibly generative. What’s true about respect, however, is that it takes time and time isn’t something Aries people tend to have a lot of. As Mars continues his transit through Aries, you might find yourself rushing to make a claim, to secure your position, or simply make your needs known. While there’s nothing wrong with advocating for yourself, try your best to remember that sometimes the most crucial details are the easiest to miss.

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

This week begins with a sextile between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces on the 19th, a gentle aspect that is bound to add a dash of beauty to your week — especially if you’re looking to reimagine your relationship to beauty. This is a good time to think of pleasure as its own adventure and shared experience as a kind of erotic practice. Order the most delicious-sounding thing on the menu and share it, dear ones. Lay down in a dark room and listen to your friend sing a song. Take that book you’ve been saving for “when you’re in the right headspace” on a solo camping trip. Give yourself time to enjoy it and give yourself grace if you don’t. Remember, this isn’t about learning to like something, it’s about learning who you’re becoming through what you like.
Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

The Sun might be flying out of your court but, lucky for you, Mercury is still spinning under your stars. Well, luck may not be the exact word for it, but luck is certainly on offer when Mercury in Gemini makes a sextile to Jupiter in Aries on the 20th. At home under your sign, Mercury doesn’t need much to make connections that stick. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Aries brings a heap of confidence to whatever game you happen to be playing. Working together, these planets serve with powerful optimism and aim to score points wherever possible. It’s worth noting that the Sun in Gemini makes a square to the last-quarter moon in Pisces on the same day. A celestial reminder that growth comes with risk and playing it safe only protects what you’ve already built.

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

What better way to close out Gemini season and prepare for Cancer season than a little last-quarter moon in Pisces between friends? A companionable blend of Gemini mutability and Cancerian emotional wavelengths, the last quarter moon signals a flexible closing time, a chance to wrap things up, let go, let goddess, and spin the wheel again. Letting go isn’t always easy, especially for pinchy crabs like yourself. It’s worth noting that the same moon that makes a square to the Sun in Gemini at 29 degrees also makes a sextile to Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This week, try to regard your intuition as a skill you cultivate rather than a secret power. Try to create space around resonant messages that rise up within you. Why do they resonate? How can you better integrate what feels intuitive and what feels true?

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

It would be a dream if the months leading up to your birthday were months of resplendence. It would only be right if the Sun’s proximity to your stars signalled a time of enriching solitude and preparatory self-reflection for the solar return that looms ahead. And yet, the cosmos has yet to prove itself fond of a smooth transition, preferring a cosmic dance that lifts you into gratitude’s orbit one week and pulls you into the shadow of your own doubts the next. Maybe the waves are the compelling factor, the highs and lows concatenating as they propel you toward the end of one song and the beginning of another. If that’s true, then the summary (summer) you want may look a lot different than the one you need. If that’s true, then the dance has already begun and you’re right on time.

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

It’s true that Mercury continues to travel under the stars of Gemini, facilitating connections that drive you forward. The sensation of points and plans clicking into place can be intoxicating, pushing you to add just one more rail to the track, one more car to the moving train. There’s nothing wrong with ambition, and certainly not when Mars is transiting Aries with Jupiter in the picture. But, as the Sun shifts out of mutable Gemini and into cardinal Cancer, it’s worth setting limits on your sprints and adding review sessions to your itinerary. While Cancer can go just as hard as Aries with just as much talent as Gemini, these stars thrive when they’re fueled by energetic boundaries and clearly-defined value systems. Real progress is both internal and external; don’t forget to account for how much you’ve changed along the way.

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

When the Sun shifts under a new sign, it can feel like a spirit taking the wheel and spinning it. Imagine! Disembodied hands, like the kind in the tarot, rotating the earth and landing on a seasonal surprise. Or perhaps the hand is singular and more spooky, akin to the one roaming the Addams Family mansion. There’s a comfort in imagining a higher power, a righteous entity that knows all the possibilities and just wants to see where your arrow falls. Maybe it’s just that way, but most of us don’t have proof of any such guardian. We only have ourselves, our histories, our accomplishments, our little dreams we feed everyday in hopes that they grow large enough to live outside us. And, the truth is, whether it’s cosmic forces or simply the mundane effort of staying alive in a time like this, whatever gets you from here to there is more than enough.

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

It can be a relief to be a water sign in a water season; it can grant you a tacit sort of permission — to cry if you want to cry, to feel it all the way down to your bones and past them. Which is not the same as being idle, something you can hardly be expected to do with your ruling planet at home in fiery Aries. While all the dogs within you keep running — long days and low rations be damned — the skies collect what clouds they can and offer you shade and emotional reprieve. You can do both Scorpio, you can be accountable and be human. You can even say no if you need to, quit if quittings on the table, make a choice that might disappoint someone you care about. It’s a trick we play on ourselves, you know, the one where we make ourselves an indispensable part of someone else’s story. It’s a projection trying to wear the cloak of purpose — but you know well enough that a cloak needs substance to hang on to.

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Well, Sagittarius, how did the full moon in Sagittarius treat you last week and what waves has she stirred in her wake? It’s okay if you’re not quite ready to put language to it, if you need these subsequent weeks just to follow the moon feelings back to their source. Sure, some insights will come easily enough, especially if your June has been full of big changes (or just big energy). But it’s also natural for big reckonings to arrive piecemeal and come together slowly, their pace a reflection of their weight and collective impact. This truth is, every day has the potential to transform you, and perhaps small transformative moments are working on you all the time. The fact of transformation and how it sneaks up on all of us doesn’t detract from larger events and their significance. There’s no need to rush past the story and toward the moral of it. Live into it, tell the story all the way through.

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

People make a big to-do of the new moon and the full moon but, in actuality, all the moon’s phases have power and potential, including the last-quarter moon in Pisces that propels this week forward in Cancer season. In Pisces, the moon is empowered to move authentically through cosmic weather as it comes. There’s a magnitude to her energy and a reassurance that our emotions are part of our sensational experience of being human, that sensational experience is a portal, that every time we give ourselves emotional respect we pass through an opening that is both within us and without us. We transcend worlds. In her last-quarter phase, this moon is diligent, a quality you should find familiar. She shines her light into the shadows where you tucked what was once unbearable to face. Perhaps you’re better able now, perhaps you’ve waited long enough. 

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

It’s been happening to a lot of people, whether or not we talk about it. It’s been seeping out of our spirits as we skulk around our desk jobs, service counters, and studios — it’s okay to admit that if you find yourself lacking in ambition these days, that it’s really no big deal. Ambition is a funny animal anyway. It has a good deal of vitality, a kind of charm, and, at its core, it really does mean well. But there’s something to be said for reading the room when the room is a few climate disasters away from being a bomb shelter. These concessions aren’t meant to apply to everyone, and they certainly aren’t meant to get you down when there’s plenty of real reasons to be on the floor. They’re simply part of the human story, which you are also part of, although it may not always feel that way. Let it be known, Aquarius, that being part of the human story is an ambitious task all its own, even if it breaks your heart sometimes — especially then.

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

This week begins with a lovely sextile between Venus and Neptune, which precedes the last-quarter moon in Pisces on the 20th — a potent lunation that makes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn as well as Venus in Taurus. If the moon were a cook preparing a feast, she’d be scrounging up what’s left in the fridge and inventing as she goes — no recipe no problem. Left to her own devices, a finger in every pot and a kitchen covered in flavour experiments, she might have you believing in miracles again. Perhaps, not the kind of miracles they make movies about, not an angel in the outfield or a dog turned hometown hero, although maybe those too. But, the mundane miracles that find us when we least expect them: a rainbow breaking through a moody day, an important package lost and retrieved, a friend calling you just as you were missing them. Perhaps, you’ll feel compelled to sous chef and orchestrate a few mundane miracles of your own.

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