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Your Horoscope This Week: 24th April to 30th April, 2022

It’s the last week of April and the first full week of Taurus season, so you know that the cosmos is ready, steady and deliberate. We begin the week with a square between taciturn Mercury in Taurus and ungovernable Saturn in Aquarius on the 24th, an aspect that may have an impact on global sanctions, especially in regards to natural resources. On the same day, Mercury in Taurus makes a sextile to Neptune in Pluto, muddying the waters when it comes to communications and negotiations — for better or worse. However, by the 27th, Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter in Pisces should present us with bigger and better options, especially since Venus in Pisces makes a conjunction to Neptune on the same day. The goddess of love is also the goddess of war strategy, and here we might find that what the stars spell out in our personal lives is but a sliver of what they spell out on a collective scale. Mercury in Taurus makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn on the 28th, and Pluto stations retrograde the next day. The information that passes between us, the information that’s unearthed, is but a small piece in a larger story that demands telling. It is like a stone that finally gets to tell the story of the Earth. Mercury shifts in Gemini, keeper of stories, on the 29th, the day before the new moon in Taurus. They say the solar eclipse is a portal we move through, a portal for change and transformation. Even if it is, one shouldn’t forget that a portal is an open gate, it goes both ways.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Well, Aries season is over but all cardinal signs know that the show must go on. And, if it’s got to go on, it might as well go on impeccably. Mars, your ruling planet, continues his sojourn through Pisces, and you might find yourself following suit: making small and necessary adjustments wherever necessary, attuning yourself to your surroundings, and seeking the most harmonious approach. Some of these moves may come from an intuitive place rather than a place of logic and strategy. While it may feel a little risky, your intuition is more than equipped to take the wheel and steer you toward peaceful waters. Do your best to tune out the doubtful voices that arise as you move forward — they don’t belong to you, and you don’t owe them your attention.

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

When James Hetfield of Metallica wrote “Nothing Else Matters,” the song was at odds with the band’s repertoire. But it was the emotional shift their catalogue needed. Now, the opening lines, “So close, no matter how far/ Couldn’t be much more from the heart/ Forever trusting who we are/ And nothing else matters,” elicit a thundering response. The waves of change come on steadily, shifting in size and shape. Some changes can feel inevitable — letting go of what wasn’t working, releasing habits that held you back. But when the shore is sufficiently reshaped, when the jetties have been reinforced and the buoys secured, another kind of transformative work begins. This is the work of choice, of change that is initiated from a place of desire and self-actualisation, of knowing that things can function sufficiently and still not be enough to move you.

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

If you keep finding your mind and your spirit at odds, it’s worth remembering that shit doesn’t have to make sense to be justified. Mercury’s transit through (often pragmatic) Taurus might not seem like the best time to forgo your quest for black-and-white logic but surrender rarely presents itself as a good option — despite often being the best option we’ve got. Surrender is a guiding principle to people in recovery; surrender is what we’re told to do when a riptide overtakes us. This week prepares you for a solar eclipse in your house of surrender with a square between disciplined Saturn and wayward Mercury followed by a sextile between Mercury and transcendent Neptune on the 24th. Mercury then makes a sextile to expansive Jupiter on the 27th and a trine to transformative Pluto on the 28th. The new moon on the 30th finds Mercury under your stars and reason returns to you like a sailor washed up to shore and revived.

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

It’s officially eclipse season, sweet one, and the time is nigh for a crisis or three. Of course, not all crises are created equal and not all of them come with solutions. A crisis of faith, for instance, can be a revelation — the chance to step into your own truth, unburdened of the expectations and limitations that others have instilled in you. A small romantic crisis can kick up old codependent waves, creating an impact much larger than the source. No matter the nature of the crisis, it can be difficult to see a silver lining, especially in the midst of it all, and sometimes there is no blessing there. Sometimes, anger will get you through it more swiftly than a flight on the spiritual bypass plane. Sometimes, you gotta cry it out on your own but most of the time you don’t have to do it alone and shouldn’t.

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

It’s impossible to be perceived correctly all the time, to act and behave in such a way that makes your intentions unmistakable and obvious. For one thing, people are unpredictable and their perceptions fall prey to all kinds of projections and self-preoccupation. How can someone know what you mean when meaning is not a fixed thing — when it changes shape in each container like water? For another thing, although humans don’t like to admit it, we rarely grasp the full extent of our own intentions and have a knack for lying to ourselves when the situation calls for anything but. Given all this, you would think that we would be a little more lenient when it comes to misunderstandings. You would think that we’d embrace the possibility that no singular truth exists, that meeting each other at the line that separates us — rather than tugging each other back and forth across it — is a gesture of love. You’d think that we deserve that kind of grace and compassion, wouldn’t you?

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

It’s true that Virgos are mutable people, invested in building connections and curating conversations across different mediums. But whatever social energy Virgo spends on nurturing collaborations and extending networks, they rebuild through a slow and ongoing hermetic process of self inventory. Sometimes, these bouts of solitude can yield a renewed sense of strength and self-confidence. But sometimes your time alone is just that — time alone — and it has no production value. Occasionally, it can produce a feeling of disconnect, like a time traveller unsure of where along the timeline they’ve landed. If you are in the midst of such a process, if it’s not working in your favour, consider this: No matter how they get there or what they aim to achieve, time travellers rarely complete their missions alone.

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Your ruling planet Venus doesn’t spend very long in Pisces, but that doesn’t mean her time isn’t well spent. “Here for a good time not a long time” might be the motto for her sojourn under Pisces’ mutable stars, and it could be your motto, too — if you want it. Of course, what we mean by “a good time” is relative, especially if the transit moves over your house of work and service. Perhaps it looks like inviting in collaborations that centre creativity and connection, even if they don’t have a clear direction — even if they make you feel a little insecure. Insecurity is a sign you’re challenging yourself, a sign that you’re stretching your parameters. Even if it doesn’t last very long, even if impermanence is a part of the deal, centering pleasure and presence can take you a long way. Besides, duration doesn’t dictate transformative possibilities. Sometimes, all the universe needs is one yes and the transformation has begun.

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

What, to a Scorpio, is a past life? What, to a Scorpio, is an ending if not an ongoing story in some parallel universe? Here, we approach the oncoming eclipse season with the south node in Scorpio and the north node in Taurus. Here, we say that the time for burning bridges is past and the time for building bridges is now. Here, Scorpios know that the water under the bridge stays troubled — that even a slow and steady build is not a guarantee. Perhaps a guarantee is of no use to you. Perhaps you have a different job to do, Scorpio, while the rest of the Zodiac gathers their resources, while they move forward in good faith. The first step is letting people build whatever they want, however it suits them, without taking it personally. This step is the beginning of a trust exercise between you and those you love. What follows has the potential to shift the story in every universe, to change your heart and open it wide.

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

It’s true that all the animals of the Zodiac are looking to the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus that will grace our skies on April 30th and kick off a season of meaningful eclipses. Certainly, you are one of them, but you are also bound to Jupiter and to the impact of his movements, specifically his conjunction to Venus in Pisces that occurs on the same day as the solar eclipse. Eternal student, you know that anything can be meaningful if given the chance. There’s a tension in the air as these cosmic events approach, like the sky before lightning strikes. And there’s a fatedness to it — like whatever comes next has been coming for a long time and it’s you that’s been slow to realise it. You don’t have to stand in the open field with your heart bared and you don’t have to hide until the skies lighten up.
There’s got to be a safe way to be a part of the living world, to witness it on your own terms.

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

While the Sun might be laying his shine on a different Earth sign this month, Taurus season presents you with a plethora of benefits. One by one, the planets gather in your house of pleasure and creativity, bearing offerings and opportunities. On the 28th, Pluto in Capricorn makes a trine to Mercury in Taurus, reminding you that while you may be the driving force behind many a successful endeavour, the universe conspires with you. Go where the blooms return, Capricorn, and study their dedication. Despite rain, despite wind, each bud opens on her own accord. Notice the petals that unfurl imperfectly, the leaves that sprout low enough on the trunk to appear misplaced. Imperfection is proof of life, of a desire so powerful it thwarts patterns.

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

There’s a lot to look forward to when eclipse season comes around, especially for those of us who like a little intensity mixed into our days. But fixed signs like yourself might find this eclipse season a bit more intense than many of us have bargained for. The new moon solar eclipse in Taurus on the 30th aligns with Uranus in your house of home and family, breaking fertile ground. In many ways, growth is the objective, but this new moon knows what all good gardeners know: Growth requires sacrifice. No matter how beloved a rose bush is, how long you’ve watered it and watched it grow, it needs to be cut back to flourish. This is a kind of boundary work. It protects the heart of the matter, no matter how cruel it may feel.

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

It appears that there are big doings in your pieces of the sky, little fish, as more and more planets collect under your stars. A packed house can be a bit overwhelming no matter who the guests are, but a packed house with a profligate planet like Jupiter is notable. Of course, just because overwhelm is highly possible doesn’t mean it’s fated. There’s space for receptivity and direct communication when Venus makes a harmonious aspect to the true node in Taurus on the 25th and the conjunction Venus makes to Neptune on the 27th might get everyone on the same wavelength. It’s just as likely that you’ll flourish in this high-energy time, that the conjunction Venus in Pisces makes to Jupiter in Pisces on the 27th has you feeling large and in charge — ready to take up space in a new way and make beautiful connections.

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