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Your Horoscope This Week: December 19th to December 25, 2021

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It’s the third week of an eternal December and the beginning of Venus’ retrograde station in Capricorn. While the astrological climate might seem foreboding, it’s worth noting that much of the past month has prepared us for what looms ahead–even if that preparation felt difficult to bear. While Venus does her hitch in an intense if not devastating dance with Pluto, Chiron stations direct in Aries, reminding us that while we are subject to our own personal histories, we’re not bound to perpetuate the same harms that have been perpetuated against us. Like a kid that is lectured about the way it’s always been done and irreverently says, “SO?,” Chiron pushes forward while Mars flits under the stars of Sagittarius, daring his inexperience to challenge him rather than limit him. Jupiter, meanwhile, continues in the last degrees of Aquarius, well aspected by the Sun in Sagittarius. There’s a sense that the drudgery of the mundane world is only a shade that falls onto its large and luminous mystery — that the more you look for different ways to live into even the most difficult of moments, the more you find them. It’s not a coincidence that the Sun shifts into Capricorn on the solstice, that the sky and our most intimate celestial bodies conspire to hold us in the crease of light and darkness just as we threaten to lose sight of the relationship that one has with the other.

Aries & Aries Rising Horoscope

Just hours after Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron stations direct under your stars, and while the asteroid’s impact is hardly as acute as our hottest planet, it’s sure to impact you nonetheless. While Chiron’s journey through Aries is a lengthy one, the lessons it imparts take time. Since 2018, Chiron has worked on you and with you, identifying the parts of you that feel rejected and teaching you to care for those wounds — and in caring for them, to defy rejection. The days ahead could bring up old feelings and fear of not being seen or valued. Do your best to locate yourself in the present moment, those old feelings now belong to someone more equipped to triage and take care.

Taurus & Taurus Rising Horoscope

Everyone knows that you like to have a firm grip on your environment. But, few and far between are the stories of people who learned their lessons while remaining comfortable. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ve already weathered enough destabilising circumstances this year, especially if Uranus under your stars had any say, and there’s no reason to anticipate any more shoes dropping. Sometimes, the ground under us shifts to reveal what was already there. Sometimes, it’s not loss that changes you but abundance: messages from the universe that you’ve always had everything you need to not just live through this but for this, whatever ‘this’ becomes.

Gemini & Gemini Rising Horoscope

When instability is a familiar state, there’s value to being a jack of all trades or the girl who does it all. After all, what better way to respond to the unpredictable than to become unpredictable yourself? It feels good to say yes, to trust that if you don’t know how to do something now, you will be the time that it matters. This kind of approach to life is an admirable optimism at its best and a survival instinct at its most difficult. And, what we know about both optimism and survival mode is that they can’t continue on forever without interruption or reckoning. What we know is that we get tired. So, why not call it yourself? Why not call all the trains back to the station? Besides, both repair and improvement require a machine to first power down.

Cancer & Cancer Rising Horoscope

In a perfected world, the way that we treat our loved ones would be separate from the way the world once treated us. In a world where so many of our days are not lost to work, or the work of affording to be alive, there would be time to build a capaciousness inside us that grants patience and attention to all our interactions. In a world where we are not constantly pressured to prove our value to others, we could more easily ask for time to rest and care. While there may never be such a world, we get to choose how we enter into a dynamic and how we regard those who enter into it with us. Try to notice how often you respond to others with a sense of the present moment. How often do you allow your past experiences to guide you toward unfounded expectations?

Leo & Leo Rising Horoscope

Perhaps, in the recent past, you have sustained an injury. Perhaps it was physical, an accident that left you in a damaged state. Maybe the injury was a psychic injury, an energy or interaction that damaged your connection to your self-worth. In many cases, the two kinds of injury are not inextricable and bound up with each other. What might feel like two separate stories, are in fact stories that were meant to be experienced together and inform one another. There’s a different kind of mending that can happen when you consider the whole of the garment of your life, the state of both the tear and the fabric. In any case, this week is a fertile time for you to bring the broken threads you have collected together and examine where one fracture might relate to another.

Virgo & Virgo Rising Horoscope

The phrase “method to my madness” feels apt for Virgos, whose systems are often as mysterious as they are effective. The phrase itself refers to a line from Hamlet, wherein witnessing Hamlet’s devolving state, his counselor Polonius claims, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t” before beseeching his lord to “walk out of the air,” or perhaps the realm of mind. Hamlet, in turn, replies “Into my grave?” There’s something about that reply that is both preposterous and plain. Sometimes, one can confuse over-thinking for being alive. Sometimes worry feels more active than acceptance. Sometimes, the only way to get out of your mind is to come down into your mortal body, which is both a challenge and a vehicle to life’s greatest mysteries.

Libra & Libra Rising Horoscope

In many ways, when we speak of the singular, we speak of the relationship between the self and the other: how you and I are alike, how we stand apart. Even twins, sharing so many natal aspects, grow up and come apart. But, even separated and living singular lives, we are not untethered from our origins. Our families, biological or otherwise, live in our relationships to the world. When we are afraid, when we feel too visible, and when we crave to be seen, we act in ways that prove how deeply our roots are rooted into us. Uncovered, the subterranean can be difficult to claim, even if it’s already yours. Disavowing what makes you who you are will never free you. What raised you into yourself is the key to your singular power.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising Horoscope

Perhaps Scorpios value synchronicities so much because, like most fixed signs, their loyalties lie with people and places that have proved themselves by way of consistency. It’s only natural to long for the opposite: the magical moment of es muss sein (A feeling of instant acceptance and recognition immortalised in the music of Beethoven: “Must it be? It must be.”) When the planets gather to cast invocations in your house of spells, the temptation to invite more magic into your circle, more moments of undeniable connection and powerful premonition, will be great. Remember, Scorpio, that invitation is a spell you place on yourself first, an open door that can be difficult to close. What you allow to leave you might prove more powerful than anything that asks to be let in.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising Horoscope

Mars is a bold planet, a take-no-shit kind of planet, and Mars’ transit under your stars makes you a little bolder too — sparked to move forward, where before you might have hesitated; driven to make the most of this year, cursed as it might be. There are obstacles — of course there are, what would life be without them? And, days too, when whatever verve awakens you dissipates as the days drags on. Don’t let it dishearten you, and don’t give up. You are on a long path to unlearning the story you have written about yourself and unlearning takes time. Unlearning is a daily practice. It requires both acceptance and doubt: to hold what you once believed about yourself up against the truth of your potential and say, “I can be otherwise.”

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising Horoscope

It’s true that the days of Venus’ retrograde under your stars are well underway, calling you to answer for someone you used to be, someone you’d hardly recognise today or wish you didn’t. But, while Venus might be an influential part of your story, she’s hardly the only author. Mercury moves through Capricorn too and he is methodical, facing what comes as it comes because what else is there to do? There’s a certainty alongside whatever sadness finds you that finds strength and fortitude from the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn on the 21st. That certainty is not unlike the kind in Audre Lorde’s poem “New Year’s Day,” where she writes:

Deft unmalicious fingers of ghosts
pluck over my dreaming
hiding whatever it is of sorrow
that would profit me

I am deliberate
and afraid
of nothing.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising Horoscope

There’s a reason people tell stories and sing in the midst of grief. Humans have a way of reaching for beauty exactly when beauty is not enough, when very little could be. Besides, there’s no evidence that living inside sorrow is morally superior or good for anyone’s health. You’re allowed to pick your poison, Aquarius, to mitigate what comes however you like with whomever you like.That said, a detour taken long enough becomes the path you choose, no matter how inadvertent. The more time you give something (or someone), the more bound you are, and the harder it is to extricate. Be intentional with your energy, your attention. Be patient with yourself, but stay persistent when it’s time to reroute.

Pisces & Pisces Rising Horoscope

Not all Pisces are the sweet, doe-eyed darlings of astrology memes. But, most Pisces have a unique charm not unlike the well-known children’s story about the Rainbowfish whose scales inspired scorn and curiosity alike, who felt ostracised by his own beauty, and who ultimately compromised what made him feel comfortable and special for what made others claim him as their own. While that story proposes compromise as a path to peace, there are better paths available to you. This shimmering thing that draws others to you, this dream that you guard, will never be a weakness. And anyone who doesn’t value it, who wants to dispossess you of it, is someone who cannot see your strength.

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