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Your Horoscope This Week: November 14, 2021

We begin this week with the aftershocks of Mercury in Scorpio’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus. All one has to do is look at the ground with its crumbling leaves to know that November is a month of endings. Sometimes, they’re as bright as they are painful. Sometimes, they are unmistakable; sometimes they’re unspoken. If you didn’t know, then surely you know now as the Sun continues its slow saunter under Scorpio’s stars like a goth on a hot day. The Asteroid Vesta prepares to leave Scorpio on the 16th, and the time of invocation must give way to a time of presence and searching in the dark. The veil is not only thin, it’s a long black lace dragging along the ground, stepped on by insistent Mars and sharp-tongued Mercury who are just as dramatic and drawn to the dark as the Sun is in Scorpio, if not more so. Venus, meanwhile, makes her way through Capricorn, doing her damnedest to make the best of difficult relationship times and prepare for what might come (see: Venus retrograde). The asteroid Juno enters Capricorn as well, echoing themes of relation, especially in situations where two people must negotiate power between — and over — each other.

On November 14th, Venus makes a square to Chiron in Aries, bringing up tensions around material values that we subscribe to over time and what our child selves need to believe about this world and our value in it. Venus in Capricorn makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus on the 19th, hours before the full moon in Taurus echoes these tensions with meaningful (if maybe uncomfortable) shifts in circumstance and perspective. Meanwhile, the trine between Pluto in Capricorn and the full moon in Taurus is a shadow that creeps over the rest of November. And, while trines can be a blessing, there’s an understanding that what’s ultimately good for us doesn’t always feel so good at first.

This week’s other strong aspects give us insight into this understanding from different angles. The square that the Sun in Scorpio makes to Jupiter in Aquarius on the 15th is a negotiation between fear and intuition, between what we wish for and what we fear might happen. The sextile that the Sun makes to Pluto in Capricorn on the 16th smooths these concerns, putting our fears in perspective and allowing us to see the progress we have made despite (and because of) the world we were given. The opposition that Mars in Scorpio makes to Uranus on the 17th is a challenge and a resolution, reminding us that even the best laid plans are subject to the Earth’s demands. The trine that Mercury in Scorpio makes to Neptune in Pisces joins the chorus, maintaining the sentiment that letting go is the only way to enjoy getting what you got.

Here, I might leave you with some words from one of the most Scorpio singers of all, Björk: “If you wake up, and the day feels broken, just lean into the crack and it will tremble ever so nicely. Notice how it sparkles. Down there I can decide what I give, but it’s not up to me what I get given.”

Aries & Aries Rising Horoscope

It would be an understatement to say that this month’s astrology is working you over. Working in the classic sense, especially for Aries Risings, because Venus glints under the stars of Capricorn as it trines Uranus in Taurus, inviting you to realign the values with your changing circumstance. What surfaces in your professional/public world is only an echo of a larger story for you, Aries. Venus in Capricorn makes a tense square to Chiron in Aries too, reminding you that what happens on the surface is only a sliver of what’s actually happening to you and for you. Here, the universe’s work on you is like a river slowly cutting into its bed until a new path forms — a canyon. You were always meant to break away from the old ways, you were always meant to shine a light on a new way forward. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising Horoscope

Being alive is an act of solitude. And we all know, by way of personal experience or by way of endless texts, that even people who appear in constant company grow lonely. Still, there’s something about Taurean nature, a seemingly impenetrable presence in the world, that reads as particularly invulnerable. The appearance of invulnerability, the refusal of a body to show fracture, breeds a different kind of solitude altogether. Because, often, you cannot help how you are read and because, sometimes, it feels safer to let others believe that what they see of you is all there is of you. Days leading up to and away from the lunar eclipse in Taurus, you will have to decide when solitude no longer keeps you safe. When showing the fractured human part of you is the best way to secure you to the Earth and people on it.

Gemini & Gemini Rising Horoscope

Geminis are known for their sociable nature, not least because they are a mutable sign ruled by chatty Mercury. Of course, Gemini life is not all charcuterie boards and board games. Mercury is a planet subject to mood swings and changes of heart. In the myths, Mercury is an unreliable narrator and turns mean when the tables turn against him. Mercury can bring out a calculating aspect to your otherwise affable nature, especially when Mercury is in Scorpio. When your tongue gets sharper, when anxiety rises like a tide in your throat, it’s natural to try to drown it or drink it away. But, it’s important to recognise when avoidance only makes your world feel smaller. If the difficult message on your tongue needs to be delivered, you must trust that the ones you love will separate the message from the messenger. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising Horoscope

When I sat down to write your horoscope these lines from the poem “It’s Not a House, It’s a Woman” by a Scorpio poet named Eli Coppola came to mind:Lotsa coyotes out there
howling for the moon baby,
but I never yet
heard the moon howl/ back

I’m thinking about the moon and your connection to her. How she’s known for pulling the tides and how rarely she’s spoken of as an object of illumination. Feelings are like that, rarely given credit for their wisdom. We get too concerned with keeping them “under control.” But feelings only get wilder with resistance. Given space and respect, feelings are teachers. They point to the place where our faith and our fears rub against each other. They give us time to know the risks for what they are: gates we get to open when we’re ready and not a moment sooner.

Leo & Leo Rising Horoscope

With the full moon in Taurus, Leo risings are especially activated in the sector of their lives that deals with their public image — how they are known and what they are known for. The full moon has a particular potency because it is an eclipse and exalted in Taurus. The desire to feel secured, to feel a part of the herd, to feel grounded and in relationship with the Earth grows within you as the week goes on. And, because Taurus is just as proud as Leo, just as intense and devoted to whatever they say yes to, this week can bring up a lot of emotions around feeling overextended and under-appreciated, around your relationship to reciprocity. Lots of lions feign invulnerability when they need support — but operating without support has never made anyone stronger.

Virgo & Virgo Rising Horoscope

What would preparing for the full moon in Taurus look like for an Earthling like you? What could it mean to step away from your sorting, your work in the stacks, and explore what is yet unknown to you about the Earth? To move the Taurean way is to move slowly and purposefully, with reverence for the body you travel in and the landscape you travel through. There’s a lot to be learned from moving this way, a great deal of information that arrives when you let your observant nature spread wide over what’s around you. And, of course, it’s tempting to collect what comes to you and integrate it into a vision you’ve been nurturing — but, hold on. Give what you learn this week time to take shape, you might find that it’s bigger than you planned for.

Libra & Libra Rising Horoscope

Sometimes transformation is about leaving, sometimes the tower is a shelter you’ve got to break out of before you realise that the sky’s the limit. And, sometimes, transformation is about having the strength to stay put and wait out the storm. Sometimes, the desire to be anywhere else, feel anything else, is an invitation to mend ties with a past self that has brought you here. This week asks you to honour the shelter built within you by all the people you’ve been. Didn’t they build a cocoon for you? They trusted that you would have everything you need to live through this and past it. And, what kind of gratitude have you offered them for getting you this far? Practice trust in all your past and future selves, their vision and their strength.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising Horoscope

There’s nothing like the Sun’s transit under your stars to illuminate all the stories you’ve been living under. All Scorpios have a reputation, a reputation for being intense, a reputation for being too sharp and — paradoxically — for being too sensitive. While it’s easy enough to reassure ourselves that it matters not what other people think of us, only what we think of ourselves, the truth is that we are human and vulnerable to the perceptions of others. We take these perceptions with us, even when they don’t fit, we put them in the back of our closets and drag them out when doubt takes hold of us. If this week finds you standing in the mirror trying on a painful story someone else gave you, take heart, Scorpio. You can honour a difficult gift without claiming it.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising Horoscope

Oh cool, it’s revelation time again. Well, maybe it’s always revelation time for you, dear Sagittarius. Maybe what’s different this week is your own negotiation between creating a life that supports your ability to ask the big questions and carving out space outside that life to get the answers you seek. Certainly, there are Capricorn-heavy Sagittarians that come to their own conclusions by doing, and of course you’re inquisitive enough to come to certain kinds of clarity by digging deeper into the mundane. What’s ordinary life without its sudden epiphanies, after all? But, if you want it, you deserve whatever hermitage or exploration calls to you, even if you’ve just returned from one. If you need some distance to get a better view, giddy up.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising Horoscope

Receiving is harder for some than others. It can be especially hard for Capricorn placements who felt charged with adult responsibility at a young age, who might not recognise reception for what it is: a form of presence and trust. This week’s square between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries will challenge your fierce independence. This week’s full moon wants to secure you to this world, wants you to nurture the child in you, wants you to call in your herd for help. Good news is, despite how hard it may be for you to receive, you’re more than equipped to learn. Lover of challenges, perpetual self-renovator, there’s no reason why the codes you were programmed with in your youth cannot be updated to reflect and support the life you are building for yourself now.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising Horoscope

Sometimes having it all isn’t what’s best for you, no matter how good it sounds. Sometimes in order to get what you actually want, you’ve got to get to the bottom of what you don’t. You’ve got to start saying no before you feel indebted, before you feel you owe someone something you have no business owing them. This can be especially difficult when you’ve spent a good amount of time saying yes to “the experience” in hopes that the “experience” might teach you what feels right for you and what doesn’t. This isn’t a horoscope that stands against the instincts that have gotten you this far. Your instincts are good, Aquarius, and they won’t fail you. This is about trusting in who you are, about letting yourself believe that you know enough to take it from here.

Pisces & Pisces Rising Horoscope

You of all people know that there’s more to life than what meets the eye. You know that being in your element is one thing and accepting the temperaments of all bodies of water is another. This horoscope acknowledges your capacity to hold many realities at once. This horoscope is an invitation for you to take the lead, to clear space where you can for the unexpected, to lay out everything that you might need to welcome world-shifting information with grace. This horoscope prepares you for the full moon in Taurus on the 19th and all the information it has to offer you. Information about what you need to integrate into your worldview so that you might witness change in others as powerfully as you feel changes within yourself.

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