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Your Love Horoscope For 2022 Is Here, & These Are The Dates When Luck Is On Your Side

We’re entering a brand-new year with hope in our hearts. We begin 2022 with Venus in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, a movement that asks us to be cautious in our romantic relationships and encounters. But when Venus, the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Money, stations direct in practical Capricorn on 29th January, we’re ready to climb out of our shells and embrace exciting new possibilities. If you’re single, you’ll feel supported by the flirtatious powers of this intoxicating planet. If you’re in a relationship, you could be inspired to heat things up with your partner and create financial stability.

Prepare yourself for a surprise on 17th February, when lucky Jupiter forms a sweet sextile with chaotic Uranus. If you’ve been looking to reignite your fire, you could be motivated to put extra effort into finding love. You may feel drawn towards people who challenge your thinking. Bountiful Jupiter forms a conjunction with dreamy Neptune on 12th April, helping to open our hearts and minds. But hold off on making any relationship decisions on this day, as our minds aren’t particularly detail-oriented under this transit.

Two solar eclipses come our way in 2022, offering new chances for love — the first on 30th April in stable Taurus and the second on 25th October in sensitive Scorpio. If you’re single, keep an eye out for new faces that come into your world around these times — you might just meet someone great. In a relationship? These eclipses could help you to push your relationship forward in an exciting new direction. Unavoidable truths are revealed around the lunar eclipses on 16th May in serious Scorpio and 8th November in stubborn Taurus. Pay close attention to the themes that these signs highlight in your relationships. It’s up to you to break negative cycles.

Learn to trust the universe on 3rd May, when expansive Jupiter creates a sextile with transformative Pluto. This hopeful transit will inspire you to make a daring change for the better. If you’re single, the effects of this movement could draw you closer to a special someone if you’re willing to put in a little effort. Attached? Make positive strides towards strengthening your bond with your partner as you navigate this energy.


2022 begins with a renewed knowledge of what you want from your relationships, Aries. Affection-ruling Venus moves retrograde through Capricorn until January 29, giving you some time to review your love connections. When the love planet stations direct in Capricorn, she helps you shed any burdens by bringing light back into your relationships; be mindful that you don’t repeat patterns in this next cycle. If you’re unattached, you may find yourself seeking more profound connections around 12th April, when philosophical Jupiter creates a conjunction with spiritual Neptune. Superficial conversations aren’t cutting it when these planets meet in the sky. You might be feeling particularly spontaneous starting on 2nd May, when Venus enters Aries. Single or attached, this is a brilliant time to enjoy exercising your seduction skills — enjoy the chase. Try not to overextend yourself beginning 30th October, when Mars stations retrograde in unpredictable Gemini. You might find your thoughts scattered during this transit. If you’re in a relationship, take it easy and let your partner take the lead. Single? This transit is a great time to lay low and recollect your energy and thoughts.


Are you ready to release what’s no longer serving you, Taurus? The practice of shadow work could help you as romantic-ruling Pluto stations retrograde in disciplined Capricorn on 29th April. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you need to take a look at your shadow self so that you can break out of jealous thoughts, bad habits, or anxious feelings. The powerful exercise of confronting your shadow side through journalling can help you achieve inner growth. Practice strengthening self-love until Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on 8th October. You’re blessed with a flirty day of fun on 3rd May, as bountiful Jupiter forms a sextile with Pluto. Schedule some time with your special someone and enjoy each other’s company under this happy transit. Soon after, on 28th May, ruling Venus enters Taurus. This movement could encourage you to stimulate your senses and indulge in earthly delights if you’re single. But attached Taureans should be careful not to be too possessive of their partners during this intoxicating transit. A little trust goes a long way.


Open your heart to the magic of the unexpected, Gemini. A lucky transit arrives on 17th February, when love-ruling Jupiter creates a sextile with enigmatic Uranus. If you’re single, use this power to manifest the conditions to begin meeting new people who inspire and attract you. In a relationship? Conjure the ingredients for a memorable day of delight with your loved one. Another lucky day arrives on 12th April, when romantic Jupiter forms a conjunction with influential Neptune. If you’re single, you could attract an admirer from your professional circle or through social media. Be careful to iron out any details before you get in too deep, though, as this transit can be all style and have little substance. In a relationship? This transit could inspire your partner to help support your career goals and discuss the impact on your shared future. Change is being made for the better on 3rd May, when loving Jupiter makes a sextile with routine-ruling Pluto. Consider how you can better support the well-being of both you and your partner during this transit. Take a digital detox, experiment with new recipes, or simply get outside together more often. If you’re single, you could have a serendipitous moment with someone special as you’re running errands or working out. 


It can often feel like you’re being pushed and pulled in all directions when it comes to your relationship, Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, you’ve got a lot of emotions to work through as you adjust to external influences. The lunar eclipses of 2022 — in strategic Scorpio on 16th May, and in warmhearted Taurus on 8th November — offer you new ways of thinking. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these eclipses will help to reveal how to best protect your heart. Listen closely to your intuition during these lunations. On 4th June, you’re blessed with the chance to write new rules establishing how you deserve to be treated as love-ruling Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. Stay strong while the ringed planet moves in reverse, and he’ll be ready to support your efforts as of 23rd October, when Saturn stations direct in Aquarius.


Do you love a challenge, Leo? Single or attached, you’re ready to charm and conquer hearts starting on 18th January, as love-ruling Uranus stations direct in persistent Taurus. You’re in the mood to flirt up a storm around 17th February, when lucky Jupiter forms a sextile with romantic Uranus. If you’re single, anyone who crosses your gaze could be taken in by your magnetic personality. Attached Leos should use this magical energy to enchant their partners and enjoy an impromptu date. Your spontaneity is intoxicating. Charge up your self-esteem on 22nd July, when the Sun celebrates your first house of self, first impressions, and appearance. You’re simply irresistible under this transit. Romantic-minded Uranus stations retrograde in patient Taurus on 24th August, helping you to retrace any missteps you’ve made in your relationships. When Uranus moves in reverse, he helps you to revisit changes that need to be made. Shifts come slower, and we’re given more time to react to events and obstacles in our path. Allow yourself to take the time you need to make the right decisions for your emotional health.


Are you ready to take a big step in your relationships, Virgo? You could be on the verge of taking your partnership to the next level around 12th April, when domestic-ruling Jupiter forms a conjunction with love-minded Neptune. If you’re seeing someone, you might be inclined to introduce them to your family, move in together, or check out a property. Single Virgos might meet a potential partner through family or close to home. Play it safe, as this transit can influence grand gestures. Life feels a little more serious starting on 4th June, when pleasure-seeking Saturn stations retrograde in cautious Aquarius. The ringed planet challenges you to make your own fun while he moves in reverse. This transit could influence you to take more risks and encourage you to embrace your freedom if you’re single. In a relationship? Don’t wait for your partner to take the lead, and start planning a new adventure this summer. Saturn stations direct beginning on 23rd October in Aquarius, ready to give you a break as entertainment director. Romantic Neptune stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces on 28th June, helping you see your relationships more clearly. When the Planet of Illusions and Dreams moves in reverse, he lets us behind the curtain. Take note of this new perspective, and act accordingly when Neptune stations direct in Pisces. 


Stability is a pillar in your foundation of love, Libra. A conversation concerning money could arise on 3rd May, when communication-governing Jupiter creates a sextile with financial-ruling Pluto. If you share resources with your partner, you could come to a lucky investment or make an intelligent decision on saving your resources. Single or attached, you may seek out more solitude beginning on 28th July, when eloquent Jupiter stations retrograde in confident Aries. Use this transit to collect your thoughts, and get away from the influence of others. Ultimately, you’ll be attracted to people who inspire you to connect with your spiritual side. You’ll be ready to share a new perspective starting on 23rd November, when Jupiter stations direct in imaginative Pisces. The world is a little topsy-turvy as of 30th October, when love-ruling Mars stations retrograde in chatty Gemini. The fiery planet only moves in reverse every two years, encouraging you to make a readjustment in your relationships. Use this transit to conserve your energy and re-learn what sets your heart on fire. If you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You’ll have a better understanding of your desires and emotions when Mars stations direct in Gemini on 1st January, 2023.


Are you ready to get your mojo back, Scorpio? Love-ruling Venus stations direct in witty Capricorn on 29th January, helping you to shake off your slump. If you’re in a relationship, you may notice that while Venus moved in reverse, you had time to focus on your partner and evaluate what makes each other tick. When Venus strides forward again, she lends us the courage to be bold and adventurous with our partners and objects of affection. Single Scorpios, step out of your comfort zone and take a risk on romance. Your self-esteem begins to grow starting on 8th October, when ruling Pluto stations direct in ambitious Capricorn. This power is attractive and magnetic — be conscious of the persona you present to the world, as it will surely snare a few admirers. Loving Venus strides into seductive Scorpio on 23rd October, opening you up to transformative experiences in your relationships. Be careful to protect your energy with others beginning on 30th October, as wellness-ruling Mars stations retrograde. It’s easier to be susceptible to illness if you bite off more than you can chew.


Your flame flickers brightly, Sagittarius. As a mutable fire sign, your attention can be sporadic, thanks to the movement of your love ruler Mercury, who stations retrograde about three times per year. In 2022, Mercury first stations retrograde in independent Aquarius on 14th January before beginning to move direct in realistic Capricorn on 3rd February, a transit that may help you to gain more self-sufficiency. Next, on 10th May, the planet stations retrograde in chatty Gemini, moving direct again on 3rd June in stable Taurus. His last full retrograde of the year begins on 9th September in social Libra, and stations direct in exacting Virgo on 2nd October, although the year concludes with Mercury entering retrograde once more in ambitious Capricorn on 29th December. If you’re seeking to better understand your inner workings, try keeping a journal of the events during these retrograde motions. This practice may shed some light on how you’re affected by the messenger planet. One more date to know: 12th April. If you’re seeing someone new, you may want to introduce them to your loved ones around then, as it’s when your ruling planet, Jupiter, forms a conjunction with home-loving Neptune. Pay attention to the reception of your family, as this transit can cloud your decisions, and it’s important to guard your heart. 


Getting in touch with your sensitive side could be helped with some simple planning, Capricorn. Ever the strategist, you can analytically approach your love life by keeping tabs on the moon, your romantic ruler. Try downloading a moon calendar so that you can better understand how your emotions wax and wane. Mark your calendar for the upcoming eclipse series, as secrets and opportunities are revealed. 2022’s solar eclipses arrive on 30th April in warmhearted Taurus and on 25th October in loyal Scorpio, offering new chances to build and start relationships. You’ll be made aware of changes that need to be met in your relationships by paying attention to the lunar eclipses on 16th May (in determined Scorpio) and on 8th November (in stubborn Taurus). Don’t underestimate the power of clear communication in your relationships. Take care to be aware of how you come across to your partner or potential dates starting on 28th June, when your conversation ruler Neptune stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces. Neptune rules illusions and dreams, so his veil is lifted from our eyes when he moves in reverse. If you’re in a relationship, you may notice that your tone, or how you’re being received by your partner or potential dating pool, has changed. Take note to make adjustments before Neptune stations direct in Pisces on 3rd December.


Are you ready to trust the timing of your life, Aquarius? Your planets help keep your emotional life in check as your love-ruling sun moves through each of the 12 houses. It enters your first house of self, first impressions, and appearance on 19th January, starting the year off with a bang. You’re ready to take on the world with your unique perspectives and ethereal aura. You’re blessed with a clean slate on 17th February, when lucky Jupiter forms a sextile with ruling Uranus. It’s time to make some moves towards achieving personal happiness, which ultimately makes you glow from the inside out. If you’re in a relationship, you may have the chance to level things up around the solar eclipse in Taurus on 30th April and the subsequent solar eclipse on 25th October in Scorpio. If you’re single, these eclipses may help to reveal potential partners or mark unexpected encounters. Together with their pair, the lunar eclipse, these events will help to indicate anything that’s no longer working in your life. Single or attached, pay close attention to the circumstances surrounding the lunar eclipses in Scorpio on 16th May and in Taurus on 8th November. It could be time for you to express your desires to achieve full transparency. You’re ready to heat things up starting on 20th May, as your romantic Sun sashays into your 5th house of romance, creativity and children. This is an excellent time for single water-bearers to make their mark on the dating scene and impress a gaggle of admirers. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be happy to get a little more serious with your special someone as of 22nd July, when the sun brightens up your 7th house of relationships. You could cosy up to an old friend beginning on 22nd November, as the sun illuminates your 11th house of friendship, groups, and goals. If you’ve been too shy to make a move with that special someone — now is the time. It’s also a good day for coupled Aquarians to talk about their dream projects with their partners — they’ll provide a great support system to help you get ideas off the ground.


How are you currently surfing through your emotions, Pisces? Romantic-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on 14th January before moving direct again in Capricorn on 3rd February. The messenger planet will turn retrograde again on 10th May in Gemini until resuming his direct motion on 3rd June in Taurus, and make his third full reverse movement of 2022 on 9th September in Libra, stationing direct in Virgo on 2nd October. The year concludes with Mercury entering retrograde in Capricorn on 29th December. Observe how Mercury’s movements affect your feelings, and you’ll be sure to get a better handle on your emotions. Being water signs, Pisceans have an unbreakable bond with the moon. Anticipating the earth-shaking eclipses can help you steady yourself for exciting new connections and beginnings within your existing partnerships. We’re greeted by a solar eclipse in reliable Taurus on 30th April and another on 25th October in strategic Scorpio. Solar eclipses are always accompanied by lunar eclipses, and they’ll occur on 16th May in secretive Scorpio and 8th November in security-loving Taurus. Stay alert, as these lunations will spotlight anything you need to let go of in your life. Ruling Neptune could help you see the reality of your relationship or love life more clearly beginning on 28th June, when the Planet of Dreams and Illusions stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces. Sometimes, you need to see things exactly as they are. But you’ll be ready to dive back into your romantic dreamworld when Neptune stations direct in Pisces on 3rd December.


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