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Your May 2022 Horoscope Is Here — & The Vibes Are (Mostly) Good

Leave it to the eclipses and Mercury retrograde to make a seemingly exciting month feel as though it’s an emotional wash. However, once we are deep in May, we’ll find that there is plenty of sparky energy to ignite our passions and visions — even if Mercury’s drama, unpredictability, and annoyances slows down the vibe. May the force be with you…

Venus enters Aries on May 2 and then moves into Taurus on May 28, making the reward for the romantic chase worth the effort. Mercury retrograde begins on May 10 in Gemini, followed by a backwards dip into Taurus on May 22. Although Mercury’s moonwalk ends on June 3, we can expect communication, technology, and travel mishaps to occur. Jupiter’s forward traction into Aries on May 10, enhances our desires and lust for life. May 16’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio urges us to evolve relationships and upgrade the way we relate to others.

The Sun’s ingress into Gemini on May 20 lightens up the energy and gives us the chance to have fun. Mars moves into its home sign, Aries, on May 24, inspiring and motivating us to take action. May 30’s New Moon in Gemini is an energetically potent time to manifest old dreams into reality. We’ll want to work towards recreating a positive vision that can change the world and ourselves for the better.


Although you are known for your bravado, your ability to take action has been lagging. When Venus and Jupiter align with your Sun on May 2 and 10, you’ll be charged up. Don’t let your pride push you towards making financial decisions that can backfire during May 16’s lunar eclipse. Before putting the chariot ahead of the horse, carefully weigh your investment options. Stop being too blind towards seeking counsel with a trusted confidant who can help you in navigating such decisions by advising you with care. By the time Mars, who is your planetary ruler, aligns with your Sun on May 24, you will have all the information necessary to take action in elevating your finances on May 28, when Venus glides into Taurus.


Your planetary ruler, Venus’s movement into Aries on May 2 is making you take a backseat in relationships. Instead of driving the car, you’ll be the one who’s along for the ride, as others are wanting to woo and surprise you with TLC. The lunar eclipse on May 16 gives you the opportunity to ramp up your erratic love life, especially since your crush/S.O. has taken the time to prove their true intentions. The caveat is that your waffling heart is unsure how to DTR on May 22, due to Mercury retrograde’s alliance on your Sun. Approximately a week later, you will be ready to commit once again and give your all to another when tender Venus galvanises your Sun sign. Say “yes” to love.


Professional opportunities seem to be coming out of nowhere, when Jupiter enters Aries on the 10th. Although you want to relish in your success, you’re beginning to second guess your abilities. You are the best person for the job. No one can bring the creativity and insight that you can to the table because your ingenious brain is ten steps ahead of everyone. Remember that. Own it. Don’t let your overactive mind get the better of you when Mercury retrograde commences while in alignment with your Sun sign on May 10 and dips back into Taurus on May 22. If you begin to doubt your abilities, then try practicing daily affirmations to get your head back in the game and to believe in your fabulousness.


Unfortunately, the lunar eclipse on May 16 may create tensions to arise within your squad. But, you will have a chance to make amends, reconnect with old pals, and mend fences with besties that you’ve recently had minor falling outs with, when Mercury retrograde re-enters Taurus on May 22. Try to let your guard down and take a softer approach to understanding others this time around — especially during May 30’s New Moon. With a little compassion, empathy, and kindness, your friendships have the capacity to evolve and grow. As long as you have conversations that allow all parties to express their feelings from a nonjudgmental standpoint, then everyone will be able to have a clearer perspective on the past and want to move forward.


Holding back from posting your accomplishments on social media and bragging about your endeavors to friends will cause conflicts, if you don’t hone in what you’re sharing and tone the energy down on May 10. Having a small piece of humble pie isn’t something that usually meshes well with your palate. But, you may just have to eat it once in order to avoid unnecessary situations and arguments from occurring during the lunar eclipse on May 16. The solar shift into Gemini on May 20, followed by May 30’s New Moon may test this energy and create jealousies amongst your peer group. Therefore, it’s important to be selective about what you’re putting out into the world for public consumption to avoid receiving the evil eye.


Now that you’ve spent the majority of your energy and time trying to maintain a romance, you are needing to implement boundaries. It’s important to set limits in relationships to ensure that you are not steamrolled into feeling and acting in a way that isn’t in your best interests. When Mercury begins its backwards dance on May 10 in Gemini, you’ll need to stand firm in your views and not give into their whims. Think about how their wants and desires make you feel, then start the discourse by compromising with them. By the time Mercury retrograde moves into Taurus again on May 22, you will have cultivated a fiercely adamant perspective that won’t allow you to be a pushover in the present and future.


The lunar eclipse on May 16 will make you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof, especially since Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are all in orbit to oppose your Sun. This gives you a surge of energy to make big decisions. You may feel your pride is wounded during this eclipse, because of hits to your ego by others. This could leave you feeling lonely, which is why it’s best to use Mercury’s backspin as a time to reach out to family and friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Opening your heart and sharing your feelings can create an intimate dynamic on May 22 and on May 28 when Venus glides into Taurus, super close to May 30’s New Moon.


Rather than holding all of your emotions in, you’ll opt to discuss everything that is weighing heavily on your heart and shoulders when Mercury retrograde commences on May 10. Finding the right words and moment to express them may be hard, as you’re still working to find your grounding. Careful not to put your foot in your mouth and second-guess the energy that you’re putting out there. May 16’s lunar eclipse is asking you to transform how you treat others and the New Moon on May 30 is helping you to feel an intimate bond with them. Allow yourself to connect with those you care about and start anew. After all, everyone, including you, is trying to change and become the best versions of themselves.


Plot twist: You’re the ex who’s wanting to get back into the good graces of a former love during Mercury’s planetary moonwalk. Even if it takes a long time to gain their attention and affection, you’re willing and wanting to do the work. You never stopped caring for them, but your free spirit often conflicts with the notion of being in a commitment. When Mercury retrograde commences in Gemini and Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10, you will be pulling out all your best moves to show them how much you’ve grown and changed in the time apart. Whether or not this leads to a romantic rekindling of the relationship under May 30’s New Moon is second to having them in your life again.


May brings out your seductive energy, highlighting your proneness during the lunar eclipse on May 16 in Scorpio and Venus’ movement into Taurus on May 28. The extra pep in your step is due to your new hubba bubba crush giving you lots of attention, challenging your core beliefs. Perhaps an interest in a new fetish gives you insight into your personality. As you take fantasies to the new level, your dreamy desire for role playing is highlighted on the 22, when Mercury moves back into Taurus. You may decide to revisit turn-ons from the past, which will get you and your partner’s libido pumping at this time. It’s important to keep an open mind and allow yourself to completely embrace the kink you desire.


Fame and acclaim are within your reach this month, Aquarius — but it won’t be a cakewalk. While the lunar eclipse on May 16 puts you in the glare of the spotlight, it also pokes at your insecurities. You may begin to doubt yourself due to a perceived lack of support from loved ones. You may find yourself thinking what is it all for? and am I the right person for the job? Take a step back and work on keeping your emotions balanced and in check. You are great at making sure everyone else is happy, secure, and satisfied; however, this month is about being fair to yourself and putting your desires at the top of the list — for the first time ever.


Money and fortune are in the cards for you when Venus, Jupiter, and Mars fire up your finances and move into Aries on May 2, 10, and 24. All of these planetary shifts are offering you an exciting promotion or raise. Just be sure you are clear on the terms. This means that you’ll be getting a fruitful financial return from your career endeavours — enjoy the energy that is spicing up your chart and life now. Just be sure to save your pennies for a rainy day, starting under May 30’s New Moon, in case you’re hit with unexpected expenditures. You may need to save until the end of the summer to ensure you have cash to live without hesitation or financial worries.


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