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Your October Horoscope Is Here, & There Are Some Very Lucky Days Ahead

The month ahead is ghoulish — filled with thrills, chills, and ghosts, due to the six planets that are retrograde in the beginning of the month: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. October 6 brings the Libra new moon, which commences the day Pluto stations direct again in Capricorn, after a retrograde that began on April 27. We can expect heightened emotions, due to the intense energy.

The Planet of Love, Venus, enters fiery Sagittarius on October 7, allowing us to take risks when it comes to relationships. The caveat is that Venus will align with the South Node of Destiny in Sagittarius on October 9, and square off with Neptune retrograde in Pisces on October 26, making us feel stuck and unsure of how to proceed when it comes to matters of the heart. Romances may be put on ice or we may become lovesick over exes (after all, Mercury retrograde is in full swing).

October 9 will offer some clarity, however, just on business matters and contracts and not affairs of the heart and financial investments, as the Libra Sun and Mercury retrograde align on that day. October 10 ends Saturn’s retrograde journey, which began on May 23 in Aquarius. Its direct motion will allow us to evaluate our commitments. October 18 ceases both Mercury’s planetary backspin (which began on September 27) and Jupiter’s moonwalk (which started on June 20). October 20’s full moon on Aries brings necessary changes to the end of Libra season. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, beginning a deep transformational solar shift. Action planet Mars swims into Scorpio on October 30, adding  stamina and strength to our lives, vibes, and energy levels — the perfect energy for Halloween. Happy haunting!


Due to your impulsive nature, you’re no stranger to letting the not-so-occasional regrettable statement slip out, Ram. But October 6’s new moon asks you to slow down and reflect upon the way you treat others — as well as the way your love is being reciprocated. When Pluto goes direct, which occurs the same day as the new moon, you’ll have to ditch the power struggles and issues that have been plaguing your partnerships. Alliances may change when Mercury ends its planetary backstroke on October 18 and during the full moon on October 20. The strong relationships will be left in tact, and you’ll be called to let go of the ones that no longer align with your higher self (aka, the version of yourself that you’ve been working on) when Mars enters Scorpio on October 30.


The journey to self-love that you’ve been embarking on for months has given you many chances to grow as a person. But, nothing can prepare you for the emotional and mental reset that October brings. It has been a long road to this point, with many months of frustrating elements getting in the way of healing. Now the time has come to rebuild your life. When Venus enters Sagittarius on October 7, the day after the Libra new moon, you’ll be able to transform your world little by little. Tears will be shed on October 9 when Venus aligns with the South Node of Destiny in Sagittarius, giving you the opportunity to go deep within and make the necessary changes needed to become a better person. 


Face the facts: You’re a friend who loves to stay put during the good times, but has a tendency to run during the hard, emotional times. It’s the air in your sign.  This month, when the going gets tough, practice sticking it out and working through all of the issues at hand. Although finding the right words will be hard during Mercury’s planetary backspin (especially during October 6’s new moon and October 20’s full moon), keep your chin up, Gemini!  Everything will get much easier when Mercury ends its retrograde journey on October 18. Conversations will get lighter, emotions won’t feel so heavy, and there will be no room for miscommunication with others, which is how this drama started in the first place. 


October is going to be quite intense, but you’ll survive and thrive, as long as you allow yourself a moment to think and feel out each conflict before having an immediate emotional reaction during the new moon and the beginning of Pluto’s forward march, both of which occur on October 6. The full moon on October 20 will challenge your partnerships — but, that challenge will make you closer than ever to the very same people you may be in conflict with, because these relationships are resilient and built on a strong foundation, one that can’t be torn down or messed with easily. You will be able to talk matters out with others, as you always do after a good cry, when the Sun and Mars both enter Scorpio on October 23 and 30, respectively. 


October is a contemplative month, and during it, you’ll be reassessing and reflecting on all of your relationships. When Saturn and Jupiter turn direct on October 10 and 18, respectively, you may become ambivalent and unsure about the future of these partnerships. Moving forward seems uncertain, while going back to how things once were is impossible. Therefore, staying put (the solution that you will come to during October 20’s full moon) is the only likely option. After all the work that you’ve done to evolve, however, if your partner is unwilling to budge, you’ll be left feeling adrift in the sea of love. You’ll be able to take action around what you want when the Sun, then Mars glide into Scorpio one after the other, on October 23 and 30 — and that will feel like a relief.


Mercury’s planetary moonwalk has left your bank account at a low, which is adding a lot of stress to your everyday life. The new moon on October 6, combined with Pluto going direct again, giving you a chance to discuss your financial woes with a trusted source, who can guide you towards making better investments, getting a payment plan started for existing bills or debts, and keeping you on budget to ensure you’re never in this situation again. You’ll start seeing the benefits when Mercury and Jupiter end their planetary retrogrades on October 18, and the change will officially be present in your bank account during October 20’s full moon. The month ends on a high note, and you’ll be able to have more financial freedom than before.


Together, October 6’s new moon and the end of Pluto’s retrograde are giving you the chance to get real about your relationship.  Quit playing a game of “who loves who more.” That’s cute and all, but will be worrisome on October 9, when the Sun’s alignment Mercury retrograde sheds light on your heartfelt sentiments, while Venus’s alignment with the South Node makes you lovelorn and love sick. Words of advice: Quit the game playing. Stop dipping your toes in this relationship if you aren’t going to fully commit. October 20’s full moon pushes you to make a choice, and there isn’t any turning back after this luminary. Give the future of your relationship serious thought. Decide wisely before you sign, seal, and deliver the verdict to your crush or significant other. 


When was the last time you did something special and magical for yourself? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? October urges you to put an emphasis on self-care in order to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, Scorpio. October 6 marks a new moon and the end of Pluto’s retrograde, creating the perfect energy for you to implement R&R into your daily routine. You’ll reap the benefits of this decision when October 20’s full moon restores your vibe to full — just in time for you to start celebrating your solar return, which begins on October 23, the start of Scorpio season. October 30, when Mars enters passionate Scorpio, is the best time to double down on self-love as a birthday gift to yourself. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano


October is gonna bring up all your inner deep feels, Sag! We know you like to zoom in and out of the rough and tough emotions that lie within, but you’re gonna have to do the work to get to a better place — especially on October 9, when the Sun and Mercury retrograde align and Venus connects with your Sun, as well as the South Node of Destiny. Healing can get messy. Contrary to what you think, it doesn’t happen overnight and many tears are shed along the way. The Sun’s movement into Scorpio on October 23 makes the reward seem better than you thought, though. Keep up the hard work. Although you’re not seeing results happening, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t. Baby steps…


You’ll be on the fast track to CEO the moment the new moon and the return of Pluto’s forward mark begin on October 6. All the hard work you’ve done is finally paying off… that is, until a turf war with coworkers commences on October 10 and 18 when Saturn, then Jupiter moves in direct motion. Being territorial is fine, but you shouldn’t let it stand in the way of expanding your opportunities and horizons. Ending petty squabbles and arguments will allow you to attain success during October 20’s full moon. Engaging with the negativity is beneath you — you’re better than that. People will always be jealous of those who have more than them. Don’t let their evil eyes bring you down as Scorpio season commences on October 23.


Don’t be afraid to take the lead in work projects, Aquarius. Yes, you like to get along symbiotically with your peers and not step on any toes — but that doesn’t mean that you should stray from being the group organiser. The direct motion of Saturn and Jupiter on October 10 and 18, respectively, inspire you to guide your colleagues to greatness. As long as everyone is collectively working together, there shouldn’t be any foreseeable problems. The solar shift into Scorpio on October 23 cements your professional status as a leader (albeit a reluctant one). You’ll be able to keep your personal motto — “unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno,” or “one for all, all for one” — alive by implementing radical change with management. 


Let’s talk about boundaries, Pisces. October 6’s new moon that coincides with the direct motion of transformative Pluto is helping you become more aware of the fact that you can’t change others. Even though you want to lend a helping hand and give your all to those in need, it’s time to scale back on the generosity. You’re not responsible for their happiness — only yours. On October 18, when both Mercury and Jupiter end their retrograde journey, and during October 20’s full moon, you’ll come to realise that the only way to be at peace with your friends is to truly accept who they are and not pressure them to change. If you’ve outgrown the relationship, then it’s time to move on.

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