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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here

Feeling curious? We’re drawn towards seeking out hidden truths on Monday, when messenger Mercury forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto. We can use this transit to dive deep into subjects that had previously been difficult to understand, as we’ll have the mental strength to make a breakthrough.

Our drive and ambitions are blessed with a dose of endurance starting on Wednesday, when warrior Mars enters determined Taurus. Our best bet is to focus on one goal as we navigate this transit. The same day, it could feel as though we’re waiting for our friends to give us the green light to make plans as the emotion-ruling Moon wanes into her third quarter in social Libra. We should try to avoid putting too much pressure on others to make us happy during this demanding moon phase.

We may notice a collective shift in our thirst for knowledge starting on Friday, as inquisitive Mercury enters intellectual Aquarius. We should be ready for unexpected conversations; we may have to engage in subjects that encourage us to grow our sense of compassion and love for humanity. Love- and money-ruling Venus also makes a shift, entering practical Capricorn on Friday. We can expect people to take relationships more seriously, and we’ll be forced to consider how to create more stability in partnerships. When it comes to material needs, we become more frugal with our resources and prioritise planning for the unexpected. We may be tempted to blow up at minor indiscretions on Friday, when speedy Mercury creates a square against fiery Mars. It’s easy to get heated without knowing what we’re angry about when these planets clash. When in doubt, take a deep breath and work to understand where everyone is coming from.

We’re ready to patch things up on Saturday, when sweet Venus forms a trine with passionate Mars. This is a brilliant day to release your creative energy and channel your spirit into something beautiful.

March 21 to April 19Are you ready to build up your stamina, Aries? It’s easy to manage your energy reserves starting on Wednesday, when ruling Mars begins to move through patient Taurus. Use this transit to pace yourself through new projects and maintain steady progress. You could be on the verge of an exciting breakthrough on Friday, when the creative-ruling Sun in your 10th house of career, structure, and public image forms a sextile with inner growth-ruling Neptune. Use your talents and influence to help bring light to an important cause — you could make a big difference in others’ lives. You might be feeling yourself on Saturday, as love- and money-ruling Venus forms a trine with ruling Mars. Take the chance to treat yourself to something special to enjoy the combined magic of these planets. Illustrated by Vero Romero

April 20 to May 20Your words have real power, Taurus. Give life to your dreams on Monday and watch them blossom as materialistic Mercury forms a conjunction with passionate Pluto. Speak up about your desires, and figure out how you can bring your ideas to life as these planets complement each other. You’re blessed with a new sense of serenity on Wednesday when spiritual-ruling Mars enters placid Taurus. Enjoy quiet moments in meditation as the red planet moves through your sign. You may be interested in elevating your wellness routines to incorporate a new mindfulness element into your practice on Saturday, as health- and work-ruling Venus forms a trine with inner growth-ruling Mars. Whatever you choose, do with a thankful heart. Illustrated by Vero Romero

May 21 to June 20You’re buzzing with energy, Gemini. It’s easy for you to stay on top of your to-do list on Monday, when home-loving Mercury forms a conjunction with routine-ruling Pluto. It could feel as though your mind is going a mile a minute during this transit, so slow down and remember to take breaks as you go. Now that you’ve set the stage for success, you can get creative on Friday when domestic-ruling Mercury enters innovative Aquarius. Use this transit to consider how you can revamp your home and enrich your environment. A change of scenery could inspire you to evaluate new career options for yourself on Friday, when the Sun in your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change forms a sextile with status-minded Neptune. Think about how you’d like to evolve in your professional path and seek new skills that excite you. Illustrated by Vero Romero

June 21 to July 22Are you ready to enjoy a more relaxed pace at work, Cancer? It’s time to stick to the basics starting on Wednesday, when career-ruling Mars enters reliable Taurus. Make the most of this transit by creating a schedule that helps you to organise your days with efficiency so that you can make space for creative projects once you’re ready. It’s all about being prepared. If you see an exciting opportunity on Friday, go ahead and grab it while the money-ruling Sun in your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business forms a sextile with lucky Neptune. People feel more open to unusual ideas, so this could be an excellent chance for you to get an idea off the ground. Your wheels are still turning on Saturday, when domestic-ruling Venus forms a trine with status-minded Mars. Chew on your family’s and loved ones’ ears about your ideas during this collaborative transit.  Illustrated by Vero Romero

July 23 to August 22Have you wanted to have a discussion about your space, Leo? You’re gifted with a golden opportunity to chat about how you could improve or move on Monday, when money-ruling Mercury forms a conjunction with home-loving Pluto. Ensure that you’ve got a well-researched argument prepared before you make your case to help move things along. You’re all business starting on Friday, when career-ruling Venus enters hard-working Capricorn. If you’ve wanted to take things to the next level, this transit will help you identify what work is necessary to make your move. You’re not quite off the clock on Saturday, when status-minded Venus forms a trine with ambitious Mars. Be prepared to give a pitch or listen to one as these planets work together. Illustrated by Vero Romero

August 23 to September 22It’s time to let love in, Virgo. Single or attached, you’ll be sure to enjoy a new sense of self-love starting on Wednesday when sexual-ruling Mars enters warmhearted Taurus. Enjoy taking care of your needs during this sensual transit — reflect on how it helps your mind bring your body joy and pleasure. You may feel excited to take a more solo journey in your work beginning on Friday when influential Mercury enters independent Aquarius. You’re ready to feed your mind with new ideas: Make a list of what you’d like to absorb and get cracking during this insightful transit. Is it time for you to invest more in your pleasure? You might want to check out a new toy or elevate your bedroom on Saturday, when money-ruling Venus forms a trine with passionate Mars. Little details matter to you and can make a huge difference in your satisfaction levels. Illustrated by Vero Romero

September 23 to October 22Take a moment to look at where you are in your career, Libra. Is there anything that you’d like to adjust? Make a list of factors that you can control on Wednesday before the status-minded Moon wanes into her third quarter in idealistic Libra. Quarter moons can pull up hidden emotions and desires, so use them to become more aware of what you want. Enjoy connecting with loved ones and seeing where you can lend support on Friday, as the Sun in your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations forms a sextile with routine-ruling Neptune. This beautiful transit helps us to inspire each other and create positive change with ingenuity. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll be in a romantic mood on Saturday as ruling Venus forms a sweet trine with love-ruling Mars. Share your uplifting mood with others, and make someone’s day. Illustrated by Vero Romero

October 23 to November 21Consistency is the key to success, Scorpio. You’re about to be given a chance to make an impact on your well-being starting on Wednesday, when health- and work-ruling Mars enters reliable Taurus. It’s all about creating simplicity that you can stick to during this transit. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and tips from friends and family as you find your way. Both single and attached Scorpios will be ready to seek out more stability in love beginning on Friday, when romantic-ruling Venus enters trustworthy Capricorn. You’re in a place to focus on creating meaningful relationships and need to take your time getting to know new people. You’re in an especially sweet mood on Saturday, when affectionate Venus forms a trine with co-ruling Mars. You may find yourself performing acts of love and service as these planets work together. Illustrated by Vero Romero

November 22 to December 21Are you interested in using your talents to give back, Sagittarius? You might feel encouraged to help out a local organisation or charity on Monday, when ambitious Mercury forms a conjunction with inner growth-ruling Pluto. Research your options, and reach out to lend your support as these planets complement each other. Alternatively, this transit could help you do some essential internal work on yourself— be ready to explore new territory. Pay attention to things that need fixing around your house on Friday, when the Sun in your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions forms a sextile with domestic ruling Neptune. Your intuition is strengthened during this transit, helping you to think practically about what you need. You may notice that your attention to detail increases beginning on Friday, as routine-ruling Venus enters responsible Capricorn. Make the most of this movement by getting organised in your daily duties so that you can have more time to relax and recharge. Illustrated by Vero Romero

December 22 to January 19Are you looking forward to some peace and quiet, Capricorn? Domestic-ruling Mars makes his way into reliable Taurus on Wednesday, helping you to enjoy simple pleasures in your space. Make sure to stay flexible and easygoing with loved ones and roommates, as this transit can bring out your stubborn side, especially on Friday when routine-ruling Mercury creates a square against home-loving Mars. It’s easy to get snappy, say the wrong thing, or speak at the wrong time as these planets collide. Find a positive and creative way to release your pent up energy under this transit. Learn to trust your gut when it comes to work matters starting on Friday, as career-ruling Venus enters hard-working Capricorn. You’re in your element and are ready to succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others during this powerful transit. Illustrated by Vero Romero

January 20 to February 18You’re a force to be reckoned with, Aquarius. You’ve got big, beautiful, brilliant ideas bubbling up on Monday when communicative Mercury forms a conjunction with career-ruling Pluto. Ensure that you’re ready to accept feedback as you are to give it while these planets work together. Are you missing working out with your crew? You might be interested in challenging some friends to a socially distanced sweat-session on Wednesday when your wellness-minded Moon wanes into her third quarter in friendly Libra. While we might not be able to join up in person, you could be inspired to start a new Zoom group that explores a workout you’ve wanted to try out. Meditate on how your relationship with material things impacts your soul on Friday, when the love-ruling Sun in your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion forms a sextile with money-minded Neptune. You could be inspired to experiment with a no-buy January group or to donate things you don’t need to an organisation with a great cause. Illustrated by Vero Romero

February 19 to March 20It’s all about quality over quantity for you now, Pisces. Starting on Wednesday, money-ruling Mars will enter luxury-loving Taurus, helping you reframe your spending and saving attitudes. Allow yourself to become more particular about where you place your hard-earned cash, and do your research before you shop so that you can choose sustainable options. On Friday, you may want to find new meaningful ways to connect with your besties, as the wellness-conscious Sun in your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals forms a sextile with ruling Neptune. Explore new ways to socialise that help to lift each other up. Watch your words when it comes to conversations with loved ones regarding cash on Friday, when affection-ruling Mercury creates a square against materialistic Mars. It could be tempting to let something hurtful slip, but it won’t be worth it. Illustrated by Vero Romero

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