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Your Weekly Horoscope: November 7, 2021

There are many ways to lean into Scorpio season and none of them involve spending time with people or projects for someone else’s benefit. It’s a challenge and a pleasure to recognise the difference between what you do for others and what you do for yourself, to note all the different ways we’ve been conditioned to betray ourselves, all the different ways we’ve been taught that love is earned rather than just given. While that “we” might feel like too wide a net to cast, romantic movies and songs from all over the world say otherwise about any and all kinds of love stories, from familial ones to fairy tales. All the while, the Sun continues to burn under the stars of Scorpio, demanding a truer kind of love.

Elsewhere in the sky, Venus gets diligent in Capricorn; Mars and Mercury, too, are under Scorpio, putting our money and our actions where our mouths are — especially when Mars and Mercury are conjunct on November 10 while squaring Saturn in Aquarius. As my friend Marwa likes to say, “guidance is internal,” and there’s nothing like the guidance that comes through from a Scorpionic drive to change your whole life. November 11th’s quarter moon in Aquarius spills a good dose of faith and optimism into the portal that Scorpio tugs open, reminding us that if we can’t find a way out now, it’s because we’re meant to invent it. The Sun in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces the next day, speaking to us through dreams and magic signs. What we’re searching for, what we’re wishing for, it’s already all around us.

Aries & Aries Rising Horoscope

When your ruling planet Mars is in his shadowy home of Scorpio, your will is strong, but so is your intuition. Your relationship to resources, to land and material circumstance, has been changing for some time and the changes have likely shifted in intensity this past year. This is especially true for Aries rising this week as both Mars and the Sun in Scorpio spark off oppositions  to Uranus in Taurus. Change, we know, is the only constant, but humans have a hard time leaning into change without seeking some sort of stabilising force. It’s natural to seek out authentic connection, Aries, to reach for energies that seem equipped to usher you through a portal. Try to remember that not everyone who shimmers is as good as gold. Who has earned your trust and who has demanded it?

Taurus & Taurus Rising Horoscope

Taurus people, especially but not exceptionally Taurus rising people, know that when we describe Scorpio season as a sexual time, what we really mean is it is a time of many little deaths. What we mean is the burning leaves of a northern November, and the heady scent of a bloom as it begins to die in the South. Taurus people are not known for their ability to let go, at least not until they’ve worked over every inch of a field til the grass is gone and only mud remains. But, the truth is, Taurus people know an end when they see it because Taurus people take life and death very seriously. They love hard or not at all. This is your sign, Taurus, and your reminder, that no one knows better when you’re done than you. And no one is better at recognising a greener pasture when they see it.

Gemini & Gemini Rising Horoscope

It can be easy enough to accept that we all have different jobs and that each job helps keep the gears of the greater whole turning. When it comes to mundane kinds of work, 9-5 and so on, the idea of an “ecosystem” where every role is critical is familiar. More difficult to grasp and hold on to is the image of another kind of service: the kind made by spirit and for spirit, an ecosystem made of love and compassion, where atheists and devotees alike tend to a world run on faith in other people. When the structure of these ecosystems change, when you feel that the work you do must shapeshift to reflect these changes, that is when you know that you are part of something alive, something that means to serve the living.

Cancer & Cancer Rising Horoscope

If you’re a crabby babe feeling a deep ancestral feminine urge to drape yourself in a blanket and fill yourself with liquid that is 160°F for the foreseeable future, you’re not alone. Cancers are like the vibe sponges of the zodiac and the vibe is exhausted. You are, of course, within your right to do exactly this. Especially if you are committed to rest wholly, to rest in a way that’s restorative rather than escapist. But, if you wanted to, you could squeeze out the surrounding vibes. You could focus on what the universe has been cooking up for you specifically and soak that up at your leisure. What is it? It’s a heady cocktail of creative possibility. It’s a challenge to reimagine yourself, to rewrite the story of who you are and what you’re here to do instead of letting the story write you.

Leo & Leo Rising Horoscope

Return is a powerful verb, a reminder that movement is both backward and forward, that time is a circle. Scorpio time is often a time of return for Leos, especially Leo risings. Return to a place you are from, return to people you consider family, return to old stomping grounds, and old rituals and disciplines that still have something to teach you. The thing about return is, and this is a lesson that always turns the wheel, nothing is ever exactly how you left it. With so many planets joining the Sun in Scorpio, and with this week’s first quarter moon in Aquarius, this week is a good time to examine your relationship to return. How often do you expect your relationships to be as you left them? Do you allow space for the unknown? For mystery? In what you consider familiar? 

Virgo & Virgo Rising Horoscope

Mercury’s sojourn in Scorpio could be sweet if you wanted it to be, not sweet like sugar but sweet like honey — slow, luscious, and complex encounters, conversations, and connections. Especially for Virgo rising babes who experienced last week’s new moon in Scorpio in their third house (where the moon rejoices), the ingress of Mercury into Scorpio is the continuation of a spell that wants attention but means to unravel at its own pace. And don’t you worry about what remains unknown, what feels like wandering into uncharted waters. You are keen enough, resourceful enough, to figure it out as it comes to you. So whatever it is you’re lusting over, whatever scheme you’ve got cooking, give it time — but keep your eyes on the stovetop and stir when it feels necessary. 

Libra & Libra Rising Horoscope

Libras, more than most people, know that nothing is all the way true. A story, an experience, looks different reflected on various surfaces. To know that is different than to live it however. This month has been dragging you to the place within you where records are kept and truths are stored. This month has been asking you to take inventory, to be honest with yourself about who you are, what you have, and what is available to you — to note the moments when the story is more cherished than the experience, when holding on to what you were owed gets in the way of what you are being given. There’s no need for recourse, only reflection, and the knowledge that you are creative enough, passionate enough, to choose a truth that secures you to this world and enriches you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising Horoscope

Just because Uranus in Taurus happens to be making intense oppositions to both the Sun and to Mars (your ruling planet) while they are both under your stars doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. In fact, faced with Uranus’ impulse to shake the table and strike a tower down, few signs could handle the challenge better than you can, Scorpio, few signs have the capacity and the nerve. With Mercury in the mix as well, the cauldron you’re stirring is powerful enough to protect you lest you make a small mistake and hot enough to help you weather the cold winds of change. What I’m saying is, if you’re done sitting it out and looking for trouble, then trouble will find you. And, if trouble has found you, then go ahead and do your thing — make trouble work for you.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising Horoscope

With Juno preparing to leave Sagittarius for Capricorn this week, it’s a good time to review what you’ve learned in her company, especially when it comes to your role in partnership, your sense of your sexuality, and your ability to advocate for yourself. Scorpio season is a great time for Sagittarian people to ask themselves the big questions and listen hard until they get an answer. Like, how do you know when one kind of work is complete and another kind of work is ready to begin? How do you know when you’re safe enough to get vulnerable, and how do you teach your body that you’re safe? Sure, there’s self-help books and friendly advice, but the best answers come straight from the source. So, think about it, dream about it, touch yourself and write about it. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising Horoscope

Congratulations Capricorn, your dance with Venus has begun. The beginning of any affair is delicious and full of promise. The duration, the long haul, is bound to be a different story, though — or the same story told and retold until the only thing one knows for sure is that it happened and it was important. Venus will be under your stars until March, doing her retrograde thing and hopefully not doing you in in the process. Juno slides into Capricorn by this week’s end, heightening feelings around partnership and about the roles we play for each other and with each other. So take this week, Capricorn, take this dance ,and start it off by moving in a way that puts your pleasure first. There’ll be time soon enough for concerning yourself with learning how to move with others.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising Horoscope

There are plenty of people who crave the security of a predictable life, but it is very unlikely that you are one of them. More likely, you have prepared escape hatches and switch rails into your most entrenched habits and routes. But just because you like to be kept on your toes doesn’t mean you like surprises — experiencing them or delivering them. Certainly, having big daddy Saturn on your case might make you feel like you should adhere to the structures you’ve built and get more disciplined. But does discipline have to mean the same thing to everyone? Is it possible that your discipline grows more powerful through ritual change rather than constant devotion? Consider this horoscope the go-ahead, the sign you were looking for to change tracks.

Pisces & Pisces Rising Horoscope

Pisces people are known for being wanderers, for riding the current and playing in the stream. So, there’s a good chance that you’ve already spent quite a bit of this year travelling, hopefully as safely as possible. While it might not seem like the intuitive next step, taking more opportunities to switch up your scene will continue to do wonders for you this Scorpio season. Of course, not everyone can stay on the go — especially when funds are limited or kids are in the mix — so it’s worth noting that not all trips happen on the road. Switching your scenery can be as wholesome as reading work from a completely new kind of thinker and as gentle as exploring a new-to-you local spot with a new connection — a gesture wholly supported by Pallas stationing direct in your sign.

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