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Avengers’ Paul Bettany confirms that, yes, Vision does have a purple penis

Paul Bettany as Vision in Avengers.

Ever wondered what colour Vision’s penis was? Us too (Picture: Marvel)

Paul Bettany has shared some rather intriguing intel, should you be interested, confirming his Avengers character Vision does, in fact, have a purple penis.

The more you know, right?

The Beautiful Mind actor, who stars as the character in the Marvel films, as well as alongside Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) in upcoming Disney Plus series WandaVision, was quizzed on the nethers of his mighty character this week and didn’t hold back.

Josh Horowitz asked Paul on Stir Crazy: ‘Is it true that Vision is entirely naked for one episode?

‘Do we actually get to see Vision’s penis finally? There is a big groundswell for that, they want to see it.’

While Paul dashed our hopes in one area, he lifted them, so to speak, in others.

He said, after referencing the imposing appendage of Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen: ‘There is no nudity, so to speak. But these questions, I think people can answer this question for themselves.

‘Whether he does or doesn’t, Vision can change his density, so there’s that.’

So the next natural question was, what colour is his, er, you know.

Paul quipped: ‘He’s purple. I mean…he’s purple.’

We suppose that settles it. If the colour of Vision’s ‘density’ ever needed settling.

The fact Wanda and Vision are busy starting a family in the Disney Plus series did raise questions as to whether the android possessed sex organs (sorry too in your face to speak about Vision in such a way?) or impregnated our Scarlet Witch with a USB.

Still, fans were up in arms about the confirmation and definitely feeling a kind of way, while many others were now debating whether Vision was purple or red…





Elsewhere in the chat, Paul was asked whether he can guarantee WandaVision was better than Cats, which you’ll remember divided the world with its questionable special effects.

Paul answered: ‘Yes I can absolutely guarantee that. I think I can guarantee a few things…we took an enormous swing, I think it’s going to pay off. I’ve never seen [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin Feige more giddy and excited.’

Well that’s sold us.

WandaVision is scheduled for release on Disney Plus in early 2021.


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