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Best Movies to Watch After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the recent addition to the Marvel franchise, and we can’t get enough of it.

However, since we have loved this movie so much, shouldn’t we look for some movies to watch after this one?

Of course, we should.

So, download some of the best movies to watch after Multiverse in Madness from The Pirate Bay and fill up your watchlist with a new spark.

Let’s begin: 

1: Drag Me To Hell

The Multiverse of Madness made sure that enough good people suffer at the hands of evil people, and many MCU movies have boasted this theme.

If you’ve enjoyed this sadistic pleasure, Drag me to Hell should appeal to you.

The movie shares the story of Christine, who is a bank employee. She decides to impress her boss for her next promotion and denies the mortgage extension to an older woman.

The woman curses her and makes sure she gets punished for being practical until the end.

Even when Christine makes everything alright, things don’t end well for her just like Dr. Strange in the climax of this movie. 

2: Red Eye

The storyline of this movie is fairly interesting. It shows Lisa Reisert coming back from her grandmother’s funeral. 

On the flight back, she meets Jackson Rippner.

She thinks that it’s all luck that they are seated together on the flight, but that’s not the case. 

Jackson is here to assassinate the head of Homeland Security but he needs Lisa to assign him the official’s room number and he has even kidnapped her father so that she can’t say No.

We know that this movie plot has got nothing to do with the recent MCU fame, but it’s all about Rachel McAdams’s role in both the movies that are jaw-dropping. 

3: Martha Marcy Mary Marlene

If Rachel McAdams truly shined in the Multiverse movie, Elizabeth Olsen also did a pretty great job at convincing the audience that she was the villain here.

The audience was happy seeing her as the helpful Wanda who helps the Avengers in their time of need but her role as Scarlet Witch was superb.

If you love Olsen, then Matha Marcy Mary Marlene is a must-watch.

After years of living in a cult, Martha calls her estranged sister and lives in her house, where she stays with her husband. But, the things she experienced in her cult life make it hard for her to find peace.

Watch this movie to find out more!

4: The Love Witch

The plot of this movie shares a sort of similarity with Multiverse because there Wanda became Scarlet Witch because she needed someone to love.

After losing Vision (the love of her life) in the war against Thanos, she needed someone to love and who would love her back, such as her children.

The Love Witch shows Elaine as a beautiful young witch who makes potions and spells to attract men who would love her.

Her spells work, but when she meets her prince charming, it drives her to the edge of murder and insanity. So, you can guess where the Multiverse movie has got its resemblance, right?  

5: Doctor Mordrid

Dr. Strange isn’t the only movie contemplating the concept of the multiverse because there have also been other movies contemplating the same genre. 

This movie shows two sorcerers, Jeffrey and Brian, coming together for an ultimate battle from the 4th dimension, and their battle decides the fate of the earth.

It’s an American superhero film of the 90s era, which may not have been as popular as the MCU franchise, but the storyline was way ahead of its time. 

So, give it a shot!

Great Movies Equals Great Mood!!!

We understand that coming out of the loop of the Multiverse of Madness was not easy because the movie ended on a suspicious note.

But isn’t that how all MCU movies end?

They surely do, and by now, we must get used to the fact that the franchise has always got a trick or two up its sleeves to intrigue the audience and make them wait patiently for the next movie. 

This is probably why they show trailers of the next movie after the end of the credits.

So, if you have appreciated the plotline, acting, and cinematography of this new Dr. Strange movie, you’ll also love these masterpieces we’ve mentioned here.

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